Best small case for monome modules

I am thinking of jumping into monome modules. I would start with just teletype for use with a moog mother and two moog werkstatts. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations on a small eurorack case for a very minimal start and adding maybe a couple more modules down the road?

I have zero eurorack experience so any advice would be great!

The synthrotek is simple if you get deluxe stuff…

Its also fun to research lunette and CMOS /// you could make your own i/o etc… :smiley:


Thanks for the insight. I read in another post someone mentioned that they didn’t want to support synthrotek because of reasons not elaborated on. Is there something distasteful about them as a company that you are aware of?

There are other options in addition to those already mentioned, but what the web is really missing is a modulargrid style site for eurorack cases. Hmph.

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Thanks for the opinion on the Doepfer Beauty case. I was just looking at them on the bay of eeee’s. I am curious about moogs little cases now. Simple and not expensive.

They don’t have power with them though. I know monome used to sell a power supply of some kind but there aren’t any in the monome shop at the moment.

I haven’t explored modulargrid really. It seems they would have very much info on eurorack cases.

Unfortunately modulargrid only has modules, no cases. Would be nice though!

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Doepfer minicase here - its ok with switch for power, white whale + 20hp… usually i have a phonogene there, but i am always thinking about more modulation… i would like more room to expand…

i have a bigger 6u case also, with doepfer diy kit. i really recommend doepfer –
never had a power problem, using mutable volts for 5v.

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I have PLUS skiffs. They are beautiful modular pieces, 42hp each. I have an horizontal row of three (126hp) and 2 angled rows of 84hp made with 4 pieces (I will make them 126hp this summer I guess). The latter is pictured here: //// pictures //// and here: //// pictures ////


Thanks. The mini case is still a possibility for sure. Seems ideal for what I’m looking for.

I really like the look of the two row case you have! I am trying for a very small footprint because just one teletype ya know!

I may just build my own since it is just one module. Just buy the teletype and a power source.

@tehn, could you point me too the power supply you would recommend for teletype?

Another endorsement of the cases. Very well crafted and super nice folks.

I know you asked @tehn, but… I’d suggest you look at the 4ms Row 40 if you want to plan for growth.

Have fun!

i haven’t used this c1t1zen usbpower supply, but it looks like the cheapest option out there:

i read it’s rated for 250ma - should be totally adequate for just a teletype.

Thanks for the link. I have not an idea on how much expansion will happen so that is another thing to keep in mind.

Thank you too. Very affordable piece and looks like a great place to start for a simple small rig. Perfect!

@shellfritsch @jasper_ryder yup, I use c1t1zen’s usbpower supply for my small euroserge case (3 modules) and it does work quite wonderfully. If only it existed when I was starting out with euro…

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@AlessandroBonino @shellfritsch,

I’m about to order one of these as I have a teletype getting shipped out soon. I’m curious if one of you guys can explain to me the power consumption ratings. This is taken from the teletype specs: power: 12v: 72ma, -12v: 12ma, 5v: none

Does this mean if the 5v power supply is used there is no ma rating to consider? How do you know when you are getting close to max on the 5v source? Sounds like about 4 modules can be powered with the 5v source?

While the c1t1zen power supply uses a 5v USB connection for it’s power, I believe it then upconverts the voltage to +12v & -12v, but does not provide any power to the 5v bus. This is no problem for you because Teletype draws zero mA on the 5v bus - it’s all on the +12v bus. So with this first module you will be using 72mA of the stated 250mA capacity of the power supply.


Another happy owner of 4ms row power, 4ms modular case, and plus skiff here… I haven’t had exposure to much else but I also haven’t a reason to look elsewhere.


That looks like an excellent solution for the Moog cases to expand a Mother.

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So adding an ansible with these requirements would be a bit to much for the c1t1zen it appears.
power: 12v: 200ma, -12v: 19ma, 5v: none

ansible can draw up to 200ma if it is powering a grid or arc. I imagine less with a usb midi device, but how much less depends on the device. If you are planning to incorporate ansible with a grid or arc I would recommend getting a more capable power supply such as the 4ms row power.

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Personally putting in my recommendation for the Pulp Logic lunchbox series. I would get the LBZ54, it’s a 5U case with 54hp and power upgrade for a full amp, all for under $300 (regularly has 450mA for $250). I personally have the Lunchbox Traveller which I think is discontinued, but I’m using it alongside a uZeus because the power from the case (only 350mA for this one) simply isn’t enough. So you could easily fill it up with Monome modules, and use the 1U rack(s) for utilities. Pulp Logic offers a ton of great utilities for pretty little money.