Best small case for monome modules

+1 for the pulp logic lbz54 with upgraded power supply. i have one. it’s great.

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I ordered a Synthrotek Deluxe Power module today. So I have power and a teletype in the mail. Now I’m looking for an unpowered case at some point. Maybe move my mother 32 into a case with the power and teletype. Maybe build one myself. My budget is a bit tight.

I would like to get an Ansible so I can actually use my grid plugged into a module (I didn’t realize you don’t ever actually plug the grid into teletype, my mistake but no regrets!:slight_smile:).

@badkidstothefront @shellfritsch
Those cases look really great. There are so many options. I’m trying to not have regrets about what I’ve purchased now as I am finding new information after the fact.

Going with a homemade very wonky built box so I can buy a few modules instead, for the time being.