Best way to clean a monome

I have a 2012/13 128 grid, and when I turn it on after not using it for a bit, I really have to wail on the pads to get them to be responsive. Once I mash them for a few minutes it plays “okay” but not like it once did (or even like my 2009 64 does). What is the best way to take it apart and clean it so I can remedy this problem. I’ve read on different topics here to use isopropyl alcohol - but before I mess something up for good - I thought I’d ask for a bit more clarity and/or other techniques.


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Is there something similar for Arc?

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nothing similar really for the arc as cleaning typically isn’t necessary, everything is on the surface and can simply be wiped off. there are disassembly guides in the docs. what are you trying to clean?

Just trying to check if there was something internal that should be cleaned. I am finding that one of the encoders feels rougher than the smooth operation of the others, and wondering if there was something I can do to address this? Disassembly solved the operational stickyness, but not the feel.

I just read through this and I’m curious, what is one of the best ways to clean the aluminum top? I have one that has colored and got some spots, would like to get something on there to slightly “lift” it back up…

isopropyl alcohol on the metal, though I suggest doing a full disassembly if you’re going to clean the plate

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For sure. That was the plan. Wanted to get a look inside in preparation for the varibright driver being worked on as well.

Looks like I’ve got a fun hardware task tonight!