Beta updates for Aalto, Kaivo, Virta

I posted betas of updates for all the Madrona Labs instruments for Mac OS. The releases and Windows versions will come next week.

Fixes include:

  • reduce CPU use significantly for Aalto, Kaivo
  • fixed dial display updates when changing number of voices
  • fixed hanging notes problem with some hosts including FL Studio, Reaper
  • fixed an issue with dial quantizing
  • fixed a problem that could cause Kaivo audio to freeze


very exciting! CPU load was frustrating when trying to use alongside other things.

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please keep me posted.

@randyexcellent work. previous project with two instances of aalto 1.8.2b just dropped 20% off the CPU load. thank you.



Amazing update @randy. I’m seeing HUGE perf improvements for Kaivo in Live.



EDIT: I know you boast 20% improvements but I’d swear it’s better than that. DOUBLE CHEERS! :beers: :beers:


this is welcome news

It looks like there are problems with the behavior of some patches. A lot of stuff has been rewritten, so this is not unexpected. If you have an example of something you made not working right, please email me the patch to support at

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This is great news, Randy… enough to make me break my no-betas rule for once. One of the things that’s always held me back from using Aalto or Kaivo more than I do is the load they place on my system; having this as less of a concern will be huge. Can’t wait to give this a shot.

Glad to hear. The release should be in a week or so, if you don’t want to break your rule.

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I can wait. That gives me time to deal with that (in my workflow at least) rare circumstance of a Mac going tango uniform because of an otherwise innocuous OS upgrade. Pfeh.

These updates are now shipping. Thanks for the beta testing help!


i can confirm the CPU overhead is MUCH better


Bump for awareness! I’ll need to download the updates!