a dust2 sc engine for using with norns

no screenshots as my shield is borked at the moment




At the moment, this is just an engine running dust2, done as a learning exercise.

Dust2 is a supercollider UGEN that generates Random impulses


  • Knob 3 controls volume
  • Knob 2 controls rate (up to 180hz)

Buttons 2 and 3 change screen. screen 1 has the controls, screen 2 prints “meow”

I have plans to improve this, but since my shield isn’t working OK at the moment (i think i messed it up on an update, and have no access to a card reader for the time being) i decided to just put it out and get some feedback.


v0.0.1-alpha -

github link -


  • add a filter (lp/hp/bp)
  • improve UI
  • add a on / off switch instead of always running
  • control reverb on or off?

these links do not work. :wink:

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fixed the links. i forgot to make the repo public

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forgive my ignorance but, what is “dust2”? is this a port of some pre-existing app?
is it possible to explain it a bit? (or have i just been living under a rock!)

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added to the documentation part.

Basically it is a pre existing supercollider UGEN (the things supercollider uses to make or change sound) that generates Random impulses. You get some crackling noise.



thanks for workin on this!

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thanks for helping improve the documentation ( i did it on my lunch break)

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Hi @bgc just tried this out on my norns this evening. Sounds awesome!


that is a good suggestion. supercollider should allow me to use those pulses to trigger midi stuff.

Unfortunately my norns shield is still messed up and i get the “Supercollider FAIL”. this seems to be related to the DAC and it seems to need a reflow in the pins. It seems to work OK sometimes when not in the case.

Until things get better i cannot be with my friend that is a wizard with the soldering iron therefore my development is stalled.


Enjoyer of very niche noise scripts, excuse the bump of an ancient thread. This is a very nice source of crackle but is it just me or does it only come thru the right channel?

I looked at the script thinking that some kind of reference to stereo/channels would be obvious and easily editable but absolutely none the wiser :smiley:

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Yeah, looking at it i think it is mono only.
Making it stereo would mean the same sound on both channels. I had a script once that made random panning of each impulse, not sure it can be used in norns though as it used routines and while loops.

I have been without a norns for a while, but now i have a functional one.

I have been re-thinking this engine, planning to add filters, some modulation and try a panning approach to it. Maybe midi control as well.

Because of my long time without a norns and the updates, i’ll need to get up to date with the code.

Hopefully not long there will be a new revision of this.


Sounds great, looking forward to any new version :slight_smile:


Just booted up the norns to fix it. if you update from github repo (not the zip file) you should have stereo grains.
Simple for now.


great thanks, will give it a go :slight_smile:

Edit: cool works thanks :slight_smile:

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This is now considered to be DEPRECATED, please use this instead: