a dust2 sc engine for using with norns

no screenshots as my shield is borked at the moment




At the moment, this is just an engine running dust2, done as a learning exercise.

Dust2 is a supercollider UGEN that generates Random impulses


  • Knob 3 controls volume
  • Knob 2 controls rate (up to 180hz)

Buttons 2 and 3 change screen. screen 1 has the controls, screen 2 prints “meow”

I have plans to improve this, but since my shield isn’t working OK at the moment (i think i messed it up on an update, and have no access to a card reader for the time being) i decided to just put it out and get some feedback.


v0.0.1-alpha -

github link -


  • add a filter (lp/hp/bp)
  • improve UI
  • add a on / off switch instead of always running
  • control reverb on or off?

these links do not work. :wink:

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fixed the links. i forgot to make the repo public

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forgive my ignorance but, what is “dust2”? is this a port of some pre-existing app?
is it possible to explain it a bit? (or have i just been living under a rock!)

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added to the documentation part.

Basically it is a pre existing supercollider UGEN (the things supercollider uses to make or change sound) that generates Random impulses. You get some crackling noise.



thanks for workin on this!

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thanks for helping improve the documentation ( i did it on my lunch break)

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Hi @bgc just tried this out on my norns this evening. Sounds awesome!


this is really cool and i love it. the ui is awesome too. but is there a way to turn these into midi trigs instead of audio? i kind of thought that’s what this was when i first saw it and i was really excited.

maybe there is a way to send the audio to my 0-coast as some kind of audio-cv for gates. i’ll work on that in the meantime. but it would be cool to trigger the digitone with random gates

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that is a good suggestion. supercollider should allow me to use those pulses to trigger midi stuff.

Unfortunately my norns shield is still messed up and i get the “Supercollider FAIL”. this seems to be related to the DAC and it seems to need a reflow in the pins. It seems to work OK sometimes when not in the case.

Until things get better i cannot be with my friend that is a wizard with the soldering iron therefore my development is stalled.


dang, well i’ll keep an eye out. after i posted that, i realized there was already something similar but i forget what it was now. im thinking torii maybe? but that is more linear and based on a rigid standard time-scale i think. not that there’s anything wrong with that, i just think a completely random cluster/particle type burst of trigs controlled by those two knobs would be perfect

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