bidiwave, a wavetable synth for monome norns

(…then I hope that next time will be SKYNET :P)

No problem, thanks anyway. I´ll send an email to Ess.

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I’d love to try the Mac version if you could send along. Thanks!
Found both windows and mac versions here =D : Hard/Softcore - single cycle waveform tools for Digitakt et al - #128 by Ess - General Discussion - Elektronauts

CC: @aeoner


Thank you very much @mmryspace ! :raised_hands: It´s working!


i havent tested this yet but wanted to ask before i dumped my collection of various wavetable experiment files into the scripts folder: what behavior should i expect if a wav with more than 512 samples is loaded into it? some platforms truncate to 512 [nasty pops, but i love them personally], truncate and bevel [same thing but without the pops, usually ending with a bit less output], or will they just not load at all? i guess i could have already been experimenting instead of wasting time asking this. i tiptoe too much haha.


I would expect nothing good in this case, may be an error cause you’ll try to load an oversized array in a fixed length allocated buffer. I would advice to stretch the waveform in any audio editor to 512 :upside_down_face:

I’ve added two .pset files in the repository, just for reference,
otherwise the first time you open it you have to set the amp envelope (es. first and last level to zero)

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hi guys, beta testing… wrong path in the main script repo on github,
it’s ok now
sorry :see_no_evil:


So, I’m a bit of a norns newbie, wanting to give this a go.

I’m connected to Maiden, and in the REPL I’ve run the ;install command. The install begins, and a little bit later pops back with

installed "bidiwave"!
# script load: /home/we/dust/code/bidiwave/bidiwave.lua
# cleanup
# script clear
# script run
loading engine: BidiWave
### SCRIPT ERROR: missing BidiWave
>> reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/bidiwave/bidiwave.pmap /home/we/dust/data/bidiwave/bidiwave.pmap not read.

I see .pset files in my ~/dust/data/bidiwave directory, but no bidiwave.pmap.

I assume I’m doing something obvious wrong — what am I missing?


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Have you restarted your norns? If a new engine is installed, you need to restart for your norns to recognize it.

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This script is obviously powerful and loads of fun, but i am too thick to figure out how it works, esp. the envelopes page, plus why are there 8 wavetables on the wtables page rather than two. … I think I’ll read the source code, that’ll help… or if anyone has a video to share?

hi xmacex, thanks for running the script. There are 8 selected wav files, waveforms of 512 samples/frames, in the wtables page, they made 2 wavetables runned by 2 corssfaded oscillators, so in some point you may listen to an iterpolation of 4 waveforms. In the square you can select the waveteble start and end point for each oscillator, in this sense there are two wavetables made of the waveforms start and end point you select. In words it sounds difficult I know.
May be there was a little misunderstanig in the topic cause I intend “samples” as the amplitude points of a single audio file, in this case waveform, in sc they are also called “frames”. I do not intend “music samples”, I call them just “audio files”

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Very cool, thank you for sharing! FYI, there is an open source, cross platform app for designing waveforms available from Synthesis Technology, I’ve used it several times in the past, maybe somebody here can benefit from having it.


Thanks!! That was the trick. Much appreciated!

Sorry for the late reply, I’m not that active here!

I saw someone already linked the download though. I wish I had time to make a new/proper version, but this winter is quite busy…

But, I have another recommendation that might be handy for things like this. WaveEdit by Synthesis Technology (linked above) is great but unfortunately cannot be configured for other specifications than their own modules (or any that have the same specs for wavetables)

Long story short, when working on the Osiris module for ModBap Modular we made a fork of WaveEdit that is more configurable (as per my request lol), which might prove really handy:

(The original only spits out 256 samples long cycles in 44.1kHz samplerate so wouldn’t work for this project)


This is very cool, sounds great, nice work!

I have my own wavetable polysynth script (with a very different set of control paradigms) that’s nowhere near complete, but I did get around to sorting out how to load AKWF and WaveEdit wavetables from Supercollider. Might be useful to roll that into a shareable wavetable-format-loader library or something? If you’re interested I can dig up some code!


Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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