BigSky Upset by Resonance?

So I have my Modular hooked up to a mixer and the BigSky in the FX loop. I’m running my Korg Volca Beats through a filter in the modular into the same mixer. I’m slowly cranking the resonance when a loud squeal occurs (expected) followed by a something between a splash and hiss (unexpected) and the color on my BigSky changes to yellow, signalling that I’ve turned a knob away from a preset and the reverb changes.

Anybody hit a frequency so painful it caused their pedals to change settings?

Are you sure you’re not simply overloading the input?

Noise musician goals?

Jokes aside, I’ve never experienced this. I did have some issues with my Timeline way back, where the pedal were changing parameters without me touching it, but I never seemed to find a causality…


That’s entirely possible, but would that change a parameter on the pedal?

There is a Boost setting which is +/- 3dB so maybe there’s a safety feature that turns the boost -3dB when overloading the input? I’ll have to test when I get home. I mostly find this amusing but if anybody is aware of a reason this might break the BigSky I should probably stop.