Birdkids Raven module

Have not seen this beauty mentioned much around here. I backed the kickstarter last year and got it last month. Could not be happier with how it turned out.

It has turned out to be one of the best sounding voices I’ve owned. The response is incredibly smooth and precise. The sound is like a mix between all my favourite vintage synths and then some.


Another fantastic demo.

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I have been intrigued by Raven from the very first announcement. Those sounds are super nice.

But I find these big modules are very hard to integrate into an existing system, especially into a smaller case. It basically means switching out a lot of modules instead of just the oscillators or a filter. Still, I would definitely enjoy adding this to my sound-pallette.

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Post honeymoon it’s still my favourite module.

42HP in a small case is quite big indeed. Although I suppose you would end up with the same amount if you put 2 vco’s, a crossfader, filter and a vca module in your case. The difference is it would not sound as good as Raven.

Definitely add one if you get chance.

This is how I had it in my small case.

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You can’t just assume Raven sounds better than anything else. It is a wonderful classic subtractive voice. But there are many things it can’t do. And there are many other great sounding modules available.

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I am not assuming it sounds better than anything else :slight_smile:

What i did say was that putting together separate modules to create the same functions as Raven would not sound as good as Raven.

Why? Because each of the 666(yes really) components in Raven have been fine tuned to work with each other. This is an important factor of the sound and something that is hard to reproduce with separate modules.

I suggest spending some time with one and getting to know it personally. You will not be disappointed.