Bitcoin: monome now accepts

well, the title says it.

trade in those bits for grids while the market is up.


Has this been taken up much? I noticed the coinbase buy button when preordering Norns this week. Didn’t really have time to investigate but considering picking up a grid with crypto when the come back on sale. Is it just whatever the usd equivalent is at the time of purchase?

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i was wondering the same thing

personally i would’ve loved to preorder norns with ETH, if only i could ever get into my coinbase account—their nonexistent verification emails are a nightmare :upside_down_face:

we put that in years ago back before the coin frenzy, and i’m now intending to remove it (when i get two minutes).

sadly crypto seems to have turned into a speculative financial tool. would love a utopian crypto that’s actually used for transactions.


Fair enough, makes sense. I’ll just cash out the BCH hanging around next time it’s up and set it aside :slight_smile:

why remove it? btc is used for transactions all the time. its just a tool like anything else. the idea that it will be “utopian” is kind of strange.

you could possibly use a pay by request setup. I think they’ve got a functioning app on woocomerce stores. not sure if thats applicable.

That would need to be some sort of stablecoin, I have high hopes for some sort of meta-coin based on DAI (usd-pegged token) and some sort of gold-pegged token like DGX Gold.
I don’t want to spend or receive tokens that change wildly in price 10 minutes after purchase

I think it’ll take some time before such a standard meta-stable-coin is established

I suppose having coinbase couldn’t hurt though

I love seeing that you guys were accepting bitcoin for products

Ok script idea: mine cryptomoneys :money_with_wings::pick::money_with_wings::pick::money_with_wings: with norns, except instead of doing number crunching, search the mathematical space sonically by ear.


to clarify, we briefly accepted bitcoin back when we believed that cryptocurrency actually was going to be an alternative tender, not just a speculation mechanism. (i was naive).

we accepted a total of zero bitcoin transactions, and have never owned a single bitcoin. (shopify made this a one-click ordeal to activate, and likewise, one-click to disavow).


Right on. Bitcoin definitely was a lot more speculative in 2015 for sure than it is now. Even so, like you said its hard to get anyone to spend it based off of the speculation of the asset. I still think its pretty cool though that you guys were exploring that at one point.

ah, just to clarify, by “speculation” i meant “gambling” which bitcoin is now that as much (if not more) than ever. but certainly it was and remains “speculative” that it could be a legit legal tender, which requires relative stability of value so that you feel fine ever holding a balance (without the fear that its value could simply drop out at any moment).

just to add: i understand the utopian appeal of cryptocurrency— but the nuance is geater than that surface appeal.


Yeah I totally understand where you’re coming from. I don’t really see bitcoin in the same category as cryptocurrency per say but yes of course there is a risk involved in holding it. However I feel the same way about the US dollar in that it can lose its value and drop out very quickly too. Im just very intrigued by the aspect of its deflationary attribute as well as no one being able to just create more of it. Maybe one day it will be used as a legal tender and maybe it won’t. It seems as if its mostly being used as a store of value at this point though rather than trying to be a form of tender. Regardless it will be interesting to see what happens as time moves on.

Standard. Hope you avoided the usual attached phenomena of a hoard of reddit bitcoiners astroturfing an aggressive complaint campaign against you stopping accepting it despite never buying anything :smiley:


Are you thinking accepting back Bitcoin payments? Buying Norns will be well spent BTC for me :smile: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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