Bitwig experiences?

as per that article, i’m going to assume you just need to set the tick rate to 1/96 and activate the gate button.

Have you guys been able to figure out how to control a soft synth by an external eurorack module like the Metropolis through let’s say an ES-8 ie?

The E-Rm doesn’t have a reset in, and I believe it’s designed to generate its own start stop signals.

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There’s a HW CV In modulator you can use to control parameters, I haven’t seen a way to generate notes though!

ah, thanks man! 20 characters

Thanks Yeah I figured that one out but triggering a note with a gate in I haven’t been able to! If someone has a solution!

i heard back from e-rm and they said these are the following idle settings for the multilcock when using the HW Clock Out device.


Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta 5 was just released.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 2.3 Beta 5

Released on 23.02.2018.
NEW Preference to enable/disable updating of play-start marker from arranger selection.
FIXED Audio engine crash using Phase-4 with 32 voices.
FIXED A controller with no mappings should not show itself in the mapping browser.
FIXED Clips in arranger start numbering at 0 instead of 1.
FIXED Duplicating a device might not initialize polyphonic modulations properly in certain case.
FIXED Clip launcher clips could leave their loop region if the arranger loop button is on.
FIXED Regression in 2.3 Beta 3: Transport synchronization issue with certain VST plug-ins.
FIXED Painting of automation curves in GUI was inconsistent with engine playback.
FIXED Crashed when hitting the escape key in the sample zone editor.
FIXED Minimizing a window may cause a crash on macOS High Sierra depending on selected display profile.
FIXED Saved scenes and clips are not played back with their configured tempo when previewing.
FIXED Arranger does not repaint a clip when it’s displayed title changes.
FIXED Regression: Arranger header no longer shows time selection across all tracks.
FIXED Time selection in layered audio editor is always across all lanes when only single lanes are selected.
FIXED Deleting time in arranger note editor header area should affect clip timeline instead of clip content.
FIXED Raw mode’s “Play Stop” value doesn’t update in real time.
FIXED Wrong clip length for “return to arrangement” post recording action.
FIXED Floating windows and popup windows stopped the keyboard shortcuts for transport play, undo and redo to stop working.
FIXED Regression: OvertonDSP VST GUIs do not work on Linux.
FIXED Incorrect bar number in transport play position display when launching master clips with follow actions.
IMPROVED Voice Stack Modulator: rename Map to Manual.
IMPROVED Recording clips from clip launcher to arranger could sometimes record incorrectly when the start marker in the clip was not at time 0.
IMPROVED Preview player should stretch according to the long / short samples stretch preferences.
IMPROVED Add information to the manual about real time bouncing (eg when using hardware instruments and effects).

I’ve been working on trying to get supercollider/tidal sending midi to daws for patterns and modulation. I’ve been able to get this working in windows using rptmidi, and macos using the built in mac midi network iac?..linux is where I’m coming up short.

I’m pretty sure something just isn’t connecting correctly on the os side of things, i put up some screenshots of where I think this is done. It is laying a proper smack down on me though, I feel like I’ve connected things all over the place and just cant get midi into Bitwig :frowning:



any help is appreciated!

You really should try asking this at the Bitwig forum on KVR.

thanks @unity2k, I’ve dropped the question a few places. I’ve seen some linux and live coding threads here so I thought I’d keep throwing the hail mary

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so i kind of got it working. thought I’d document it here (as well as a couple other places) just because this was fairly frustrating for awhile, like table flipping nerd rage…

maybe these steps might help someone else

anyways i started things off with jack_control start and then sudo modprobe snd_virmidi midi_devs=1

the reason i used the modprobe command above with 1 because it just made it easier to focus

i realized that tidal is running from(through?) superdirt, which is running in supercollider so maybe if I based things out and tried to just connect supercollider. so i went through some steps that I used to do this on windows

i noticed the supercollider endpoints showing up

i ran a2midid

saw them there

decided to look at qjackctrl and after some trial and error it went down like this

after this things started working.

at this point I’m hoping I can run the modprobe so that all teh midi ports get created and I can map as many super collider outs as possible. im still not sure why there are only 3 supercollider outs, and not entirely clear on how they are working exactly, for example if i use supercollider out0 and i change the midi channel to 0 in tidal, nothing happens. However, supercollider out1 and tidal ch1 and supercollider out2 tidal ch2 seem to work.


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I’m just starting to use Bitwig now a bit more. Coming from Cubase I like how all the inbuilt devices are displayed in the device rack. It makes using effects more immediate. In Cubase effects are always a few mouse clicks away. The various FX containers in the tracks really open up the routing possibilities. It’s much more modular than Cubase’s linear chain of effects.

At first I really missed all the Cubase short cuts. I tried mapping Bitwigs shortcuts match Cubase but that didn’t go so well. Now I’m using Bitwig with the default shortcuts and and it’s smoother experience. (Ctrl+Enter brings up a console where you can search for commands, which have short cuts displayed alongside. That’s made it much easier to learn the Bitwig shortcuts.)

IMHO Bitwig is worth checking out.

Edit: TIL It’s possible to create a single meta control to automate any combination of FX parmeters on any track!

  1. Add a new empty audio track. Add a test tone device. Change the track output routing to none (so the test tone isn’t heard out your speakers).
  2. On another track, add an audio side chain modulator. Choose the PRE output of your test tone audio track. Add modulation links to various parameters.
  3. Repeat step 2 for other tracks and parameters.
  4. The gain of the test tone device is now the “meta control knob” for all the parameter modulation.

I used this today when creating a mix. The meta control simultaneously adjusted the EQ curve of one track whilst reducing the volumes of several other tracks.

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I have converted one entire system to a Bitwig Linux 64 system and i am overjoyed and rejuvenated in my DAW world.

1.) It loads soundfonts
2.) it loads Cabbage VSTs
3.) it bridges old 32 bit VSTs i thought were gone to “progress”
4.) Supports All my controller [Beat step pro]

the phase 4 synth is wonderful and not a HOG like the wavetable in Ableton.

AND i spent time installing a LLK so i could use my mboxpro3 8in and 8 out


I’ve given bitwig another round after finally getting supercollider and tidal to play nicely with it on a linux box. I documented the procedures at:

I should note that I’m using the latest commits in the 1.0-Dev branches and everything is working great. As far as Bitwig goes, so far the unified modulator system is fantastic to work with. I really feel like I’m working with a modular instrument that has DAW capabilities. I’m not sure when/if this will end up replacing Ableton, but right now I’m digging into it and having a lot of fun.


Bitwig 3.0 was announced today, which adds their long-promised node-and-wires visual scripting environment.

The integration with the DAW environment has a lot of obvious similarities to Max For Live, but I also get a strong Nord Modular vibe from the block library, mono/poly/FX model, and the overall UX. Doesn’t look as extensible as Max or Reaktor, but the integration with Bitwig’s existing modulation and automation systems could open up a lot of workflow possibilities.


Looks fantastic. Def what I’d want a contemporary Nord Mod to look like :slight_smile:

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I think it is time for me to download a demo and see if I want to make the jump (something I have been considering for a bit).

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well, it’s finally time for me to get off my ass and switch over from Ableton. here’s hoping the update comes within my upgrade window.

Really looking forward to getting my hands on this. Interesting that it’s a separate type of device, as they initially claimed you’d be able to edit existing devices, but this looks like a more feasible approach.