Black mangrove panel?


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Black Mannequins, yes please! Also would be nice to put those slotted holes too since mannequins panels always seem to be a bit off.

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Black & Gold Cold Mac (Gold Blac?)


I’d love a black Ansible as well :relaxed:


I am currently working on a black and gold version of the Mannequins line. Here is Just Friends.


You might consider writing labels on the right ports of the cold mac, since those little gold lines will be barely visible in low light. This cold mac guide has a good suggestion


I’m not producing any of these… just playing around with color swaps in Illustrator as a proof of concept while at work last night. I’ll leave it to folks like @retoid who actually know what they’re doing.

Here’s a black and gold Mangrove panel

and a Three Sisters. (Cold Mac coming soon)

The 3 are on ModularGrid also.


oooooh wow!!! these look great!

i get that you are using cad software to draw the letters and all but your S looks near exactly like the nazi ss lightning bolt and i cant not see that when i look at your panels :confused:


looks like the actual make noise panels are all over the place with their S- as I believe Tony hand draws everything on the panel, so maybe mixing it up like that could be good. but some of the Make Noise ones look lightning-bolty too—


ya i think its that they are drawn the same even when appearing next to eachother. i super like the handdrawn cad aesthetic, just be careful about symbols that have long complicated histories imo.

edit: just to be super clear, im not calling anyone out, just saying the design of the s complicates things for me. i think the panels look great otherwise

I’d agree that switching up S shapes (and other letter-shapes in general) might lend itself to a style more consistent with Tony’s punk / skate / hieroglyph-inspired aesthetic than having the same letter- and number-forms across all panels regardless of original manufacturer.

just curious, why the overt stylisation (Make Noise / “punk” aesthetic) of the font?

i’m a fan of the originals (as well as Make Noise), don’t mean to offend. just thinking of something less overt, more classic / timeless (font-wise) … something w/no ‘style’, if that’s even possible (apologies for the negative input)


Love how these look. The shared system really boosted the all black aesthetic and it’s great to see these continue the legacy.


The design is inspired by the Make Noise Black & Gold panels, and is aimed toward complimenting that style.

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They probably want to put the modules into a make noise system.

my bad, i apologise. didn’t realize that was the intent

I’m so, so very into these.

I didn’t realize you were doing so many different modules.

At the risk of opening the floodgates of requests: I see that you have a varigate 4+ on your site. Any chance of doing the 8+ / the voltage block someday?

I’m one of those people who started with Make Noise black systems and have been obsessed with the black and gold aesthetic ever since :slight_smile:


Thank you! Yup, VB and VG8+ are in the works :slight_smile:

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