Black mangrove panel?

Decided to make another mockup for a black Cold Mac, and ended up with something more “minimal” by removing the circular pattern that complicated my original black panel mockup. Looking through the Illustrator files for the various modules, it’s been fun learning just how much @Galapagoose was able to do with simple grayscale printing.


agreed! a lot of the mannequins designs have really fine details that are really interesting (for example, the fade on the + and - of the mangove air attenuverter).


About the ‘S’. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bum me out to hear that it’s being seen as a nazi symbol. I hope it’s obvious that I had no such intentions. The typeface follows a grid and all the diagonal lines in the letters follow the same angle. I was just trying to design some black and gold eurorack panels that look somewhat decent next to Make Noise’s black and gold panels and that compliments their style.
I’ve started changing all of the double S’s on the designs I’ve not already had manufactured.
My apologies.


def wasnt trying to suggest it was intentional! im familiar with the aesthetic and i can totally see how it could happen. thanks for the response!

It’s not really noticeable unless there’s a double S, in which case I think there’s a decent case for using a variety of shapes anyway. Make Noise definitely seems to vary up the letter forms quite a bit, anyway.

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Without getting too into the political stuff, allow me to say that I could not be any more aggressively anti-nazi, and I, personally, have zero problems with the s shape. It’s an artifact of the s being drawn with straight lines. Whatever.

I lived in, um, “county-funded institutional settings” with dudes who actually had the lightning bolt tattoos for a total of six months of my life. (Some of them nice blokes actually, despite the fact that they were the product of a prison industrial complex that has made literal race war an ongoing institution).

I don’t think anyone is going to confuse this and that.


I appreciate the feedback guys. The panels will stay the same unless there are two 's’s together, in which case they’re changed to a more square look.


Anxiously awaiting the mannequins panels, as well as the varigate 8+ and the voltage block. Take my money!

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Taking measurements on the VG8+ right now actually :slight_smile:
The Mannequins panels that are designed up will likely be next to be manufactured.
Sorry it’s a slow process through me hehe.



That looks fantastic!
Just bought two :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, I’ll have ehm out in the mail later on today. :smiley:

Question of curiosity as I’ve noticed this on some other panels: are the insides of the holes painted “copper” to aid with grounding or is that just for aesthetic purposes?

For the panels I am making, it’s purely aesthetic. :slight_smile:

monome panels? teletype and ansible would be awesome :slight_smile:


@David_Rothbaum I thought about asking too but it looks like theres a rivet holding TTs panel in place. Not sure how easy that would be to replace. I would love to embracing all of the Monome/BKM life.

pretty sure those are the tiny allen screws that w/ uses too. having taken my synth on a motorcycle many times i am familiar with this because after about 75 miles everything gets a bit loose. . .

so, with the right allen wrench i think it would be pretty easy

I really hope you’re right and that might be a possibility. I don’t have a small enough allen to test it and my eyes aren’t good enough to tell if it’s smooth or not.

Black monome and Mannequins stuff non-MN would be awesome!

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Added both to the list of requests.