Bleached (DIY midi controller)

just a lil bitty midi controller based on a classic design from @tehn (thanks for the help b!)

I’ve really been loving it as a minimal norns & laptop friend ! let me know if you need any help with the build, it’s a decent first soldering project but there’s one surface mount header on the teensy that’s a little tricky to get aligned right (everything else is a breeze).

for anyone wondering, the cost breaks down to something like:

  • $42 for 3 boards from OSH park
  • $37.71 for parts (I think I found everything on mouser)
  • ~ $10 for laser cut panels on pokono

if you want more than 7 knobs it would be pretty trivial to add a couple more with the free version of eagle (or just grab yourself a 17 - Diy Teensy midi controller)


This looks great! Definitely interested in building :grin:

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hadn’t seen that 17 knob controller
both these are right up my alley

related - this teensy controller project is so simple that you can do this with perfboard very easily, if you just want to hack something together real quick. I did this a while back for a hammond enclosure riff on this idea.



Nice, thank you for sharing - managed to get everything from Mouser!

Any recommendations for a 3D printing / wood cutting shop in the UK, please?

Razorlab UK for laser cutting. (Similar to Ponoko in the US)

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This looks fantastic! Do you happen to know the dimensions of the PCB off-hand? Wondering if this would fit in a Hammond 125B…

If anyone ends up with a spare board from an OshPark order, gimme a shout!

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i built one of these this morning, and after a bit of trouble getting the firmware loaded, i finally got it working! thanks for sharing this!

i have a couple extra boards, and a couple teensy’s if anyone is interested in building one

edit to say that my extra boards are all gone :sweat_smile:


what were yr firmware troubles ?

it all boiled down to inexperience with the tools. once i had the teensyduino stuff set correctly it worked a charm :smile:

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i tried searching for this, but didn’t see anything: this may be a stupid question but is it possible to map external knobs to the norns encoders via midi outside of the Param map options? like not script specific but universal, for scrolling menus, etc

E2 on my Fates is extremely jumpy and reflowing doesnt seem to fix anything

If anyone in Europe is ordering PCBs for this I’d be happy to chip in for one. Tried to understand the process of converting Eagle to Gerber but I got lost. I could be interested in purchasing a pre-built aswell.

I had the same problem twice on my fates, solved it by replacing the encoders.

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I’m waiting for 3 PCBs from OSH Park (shipped on June 26), will have 1 free - happy to send it to you, PM me your details.

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I don’t have a 5pin header like in the picture on github, BOM had x2 3pin headers… is that correct? Do I put it in the middle position (connected to “program” “ground” and “3.3v” pins? The DAC & VBat pins unnecessary for this?



i might’ve simplified the bom after my build to make it cheaper. just trying to hit power & ground on most of the headers, i think all the pins used for the pots are on one of the long sides


siqq :slight_smile: shout out to you 4 sharing this! (and to @Justmat for the board’n’teensy) weeee~


I think the screws may be wrong on the BOM, the standoffs use m2.5 and the screws on the BOM is m2. Or maybe I was sent the wrong screws from mouser?

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THAT would explain why i couldn’t find any of the right size screws in my basement boxes earlier. must’ve gotten mixed up from all my norns shield-ing. the right bag of screws are included in my norns case BOM though, i can switch it later. i think 2.5 is the same as eurorack, no ?

shouts to @tehn - i know next to nothing about curcuit design or eagle. just copying schematics and files can go a looong way


just tried a m2.5 from my euro and it works!