Bleached (DIY midi controller)

yes the same fix was proposed my @vicimity waaaay up there.


How does one go about ordering the pcbs? which file is relevant on the github? Utterly new at gizmo diy but otherwise happy with powertools. I think given a little practice I’ll be sweet soldering but I cannot figure out how to go about ordering the boards? I’m planning on building a portable case for shield/LPm3 with a built in battery and integrated mixer. Bleached fits nicely in the empty space and would complete the instrument beautifully. If anyone has a spare board I would love to acquire it from you, but also advice on commissioning the boards would be most welcome.

@nonverbalpoetry An alternate approach, one not requiring the pcb may be more appropriate to my abilities. Have you made one this way? It does sound simple enough but I’m sure I could manage a mistake.

Where are you located? I have 3 spare boards for my 9-pot version and you can gladly have one for the cost of postage. The main issue is that I’m in Japan and some countries are impossible to post to.
In fact, if anyone would like one of the spares, again for the cost of postage only, please let me know.


That’s very kind I would love one thank you! I’m in New Zealand, I believe postage between Japan and NZ is quite good, many of our community buy their modules from Japan and our groups allow Japanese posts. I would be thrilled to cover the post, I’ll message you.


Looks like you found a solution but for simple circuits like this I actually really enjoy freeware soldering. It’s especially useful when you want to put it in a different form factor, e.g all the knobs in a long row, or fitting it inside a little jewlery box. I didn’t end up making one because I realised teletype was incompatible with teensy based midi input.


Interesting, can you say more? Is that also true for ansible / satellite?

Yea all the info is scattered around here. No one got to the bottom of why but teletype midi in just wouldn’t work on certain midi controllers, and it seemed like midi controllers that were based on teensys were among the ones that didn’t work. I could be wrong though, if anybody wants to try?


Just in from the wonderful @ramphands. Unwrapping the Japanese newspaper was a joy. Such generosity, thank you very kindly.



I’m thinking about getting a set of PCBs made to put one of these together. Any suggestions of which board is the ideal one to do these days? 9 pot vs 7 pot? Is there a better/more up to date firmware for either?

9 vs 7 depends only on:

  • how many params you intend to tweak at a given time
  • which form factor you like best :slightly_smiling_face:

the firmware is pretty barebones for either, so nothing to worry about for these devices.
(i.e. it’s easy to adapt changes made for one to the other).

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anyone out there know how they would go about adding i2c to bleached? someone on the discord group mentioned it would be a pretty straightforward approach by adding 2 resistors, a stereo jack and slightly altering the code…

“slightly” there may be slightly understated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi I was the someone from discord. I didnt say slightly altering the code, I said it would be simple code. I pretty much have a sketch ready to go that sends the teensys scaled analouge in value in two bytes when recieving an IIQ [knob number] message from teletype.

It would just require soldering wires from a jacks tip and sleeve to teensy pads 29 and 30, plus a pull up resistor on each pad to 3v3.

If someone did this I would be happy to Put together a bit of firmware, but I couldn’t fully test it since I dont have a bleached, just a teensy with some knobs and an i2c jack.


lol, definitely slightly understated ; >

Still, if someone’s already soldering a bleached and wants i2c functionality, soldering 3 wires and 2 resistors point to point isn’t a huge undertaking!


I was being a joker there. :grin:

It would be simple for someone familiar with the i2c code in 16n or similar devices, but not as much so for regular folks.

An additional question might include “what i2c address to use?”

Weirdly, my first ever c code (with my only coding experience before then being teletype) was for a teensy i2c device very similar to this! But maybe my idea of simple is a little warped from that! I admit I already had a good understanding of how i2c worked in TT and I definitely had to teach myself a lot in a very short space of time.

If using the generic i2c ops, whichever address is free! The generic ops on teletype require you to specify the address before sending commands or queries.

Anyway, just putting it out there, if someone wanted to mod their bleached to add an i2c jack, I have some code that with possibly a little troubleshooting would be good to go.


will certainly look into building a few and doing the mod

i was just thinking to myself this feature to store and hold values when changing banks would be super excellent moments before bumping into your mention of it.

sooo @ramphands…how did your investiff go atoon (sic) go?

Haha sadly it went nowhere. Coder, I amn’t. I couldn’t even find the relevant code snippet in the repo!