Blit - Cruce de lenguajes

This is my first release in a while. Im trying something different now, which is more of an ambient related release. I would be lying if i say i wasnt influenced by Lines so thanks a lot to this wonderful community

“A series of improvisations with different instruments in the context of the ongoing pandemic, inspired by the growth of my daughter, learning her first words in a world in which she doesnt interact with other childrens, which is a challenge for her and for us as parents”

Self produced and released.

Gear used in most tracks: Eurorack modular synthesizer, with special mention to the Synthesis Technology Hyperion Processor E520.
Per track:
Agua: E352 cloud terrarium
Abree: Eurorack modular, mostyl e950 circuit bend VCO and e352 cloud terrarium
Este: Features a bespoke patch in a ASM Hydrasynth
Oh No: Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel.