blit - egop

egop is a rejection, a mistake maybe. It wanted to see the light with a label that was interested in my work but somehow, wasn’t “beautiful” enough. I got mixed feelings about this, because making music for me is not meant to gain recognition or something alike, its just for the fun of it but my ego (egop is short for “egopenia”, a term i made up for lacking or poorness of ego) got hurt in the way so im in this existential conundrum that, i suppose, most of us come and go: “Why do i still try to release things, do i even care anymore?” Despite all of this, i decided to go forward and release it on my own as usual.

In terms of production, this was all made in spontaneous improvisation sessions: sometimes testing an idea with the eurorack, others playing with some norns scripts (Orgn, Otis), then i started building on top of that.

I heavily used the E520 Hyperion Processor on this, freezing its delays buffers, adding silence to the feedback path and creating rhythms inside melodies generated with other sources. Other gear worth mentioning are Norns, Panharmonium, Morpheus Filter, Lubadh, Hydrasynth, Model Cycles.


This is a neat coincidence – I recently found & subscribed to your youtube channel by searching for E520 videos. I like your prime delay feedback videos a lot. I’ll be checking this album out, thanks!


Oh, thanks! Thats means a lot to me :slight_smile:

There´s a lot of prime delay on this one. egop3 processes both the melody from ORGN and those voices from the E950 circuit bend vco. egop4 features all those octaves changes and pitch bends in the main melody. Some of the “sound design” in egop6 between the main phrase are made with the prime delay at 100% feedback (when you move the delay lines you get all these crazy feedback, which are limited by the internal limiter)

I use the e520 A LOT (i got a second one recently). I think from the last four albums its my main tool. There´s so much you can do thinking inside and outside the box with it.


Well, this is beautiful to my ears. Very much so. Thanks for sharing it here.

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