a quantized delay with time bending effects.


examples of normal mode

no effects:

just delay (bpm 120, level 0.2, spin 0.0):

wackest (bpm 120, level 0.4, spin 1.0):

examples of reverse mode

hit K1+K3 to enter reverse mode

reverse mode (no effect):

reverse mode (bpm 90, level 0.5):

this is blndr - my first patch. blndr is a quantized delay with optional time bending effects in the stereo field. this would not have been possible without the stellar softcut tutorial and inspiration of randomizing speed shifts from bounds. also i have a lot of inspiration and aspiration to recreate the drums from outkast’s ms. jackson.


  • audio input
  • norns



the line-in audio is fed into a delay loop for a duration of one quarter note, so it automatically becomes quantized to the bpm (ENC1). the amount of delay can be dialed in with level (ENC2) and feedback (K1+ENC2).

the delay loop is randomly time shifted based on the probability from the spin parameter (ENC3). the audio from the delay loop is then fed into a second delay loop that is also time shifted and panned randomly.

the K2/K3 are used to quickly speed up/down the bpm to 1/3 intervals to get some cool polyrhythms (good for drums).

the K1+K2 to toggles muting incoming audio.

the K1+K3 will toggle reverse mode which is a delay that outputs notes in reverse.


v0.4.0 -


Always happy to have more softcut scripts in the library.


@Tyler true :slight_smile: there are lots of softcut scripts already but i wanted something pretty specific. also i’m new to norns/lua and i thought making a thing to do x might be the best way to learn the system.

i added a little update (v0.2) that lets you use KEY1+KEY2 to toggle the line-in monitor (so it can be used as a ext effect). also i tried making the pitch shifts less abrasive by limiting their jumps to <200%.


nice one, thanks 202020

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Super fun! Nicely done!


thanks all.

i’m still improving it. as i learn more about lua / softcut i’m getting better able at translating my thoughts into code+music.

i released a new version, v0.3 which fixes some bugs (i had use the same variable i in nested for loops :man_facepalming:) and i changed the speed changes to occur slower (every 2 notes instead of every note) so that slower speeds get a chance to ring out.

here’s some a/b analysis using drums and bass playing at 90bpm.

no effects:

just delay (bpm 120, level 0.2, spin 0.0):

wackest (bpm 120, level 0.4, spin 1.0):


totally in love with this effect now.

i pushed the effect onto a song - this is a cover of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of You” as inspired by the cover by Makaya McCraven. the blndr effect starts as a straight delay in the beginning and then transforms into the time-morphing after the intro. the time-morphing is totally random so each time i play the song i get different results. it’s also subtle, in a good way, as not to overpower.

can’t wait to take this effect more places :slight_smile: also i’m already thinking towards new effects :smile:


new version released: v0.4

in this version i added a new mode to this effect: reverse mode. hit K1+K3 to enter reverse mode.

the reverse mode does a quantized delay but
attempts to delay a reverse of each proceeding phrase.

here is an example with my piano playing:

reverse mode (no effect):

reverse mode (bpm 90, level 0.5):

i’m interested in improving it, namely by syncing the down beat to the incoming audio (i.e. when the audio is above some kind of threshold). does anyone know if norns has a trigger on incoming audio threshold?

edit: to answer my own question, it seems that you can trigger on incoming audio threshold using polls:

p_amp_in = poll.set("amp_in_l")
p_amp_in.time = refresh_rate
p_amp_in.callback = function(val) 

i FINALLY dug into this beast of a script!
wow…what an amazing rhythmic mangler!

when slaving to MIDI clock should the display change to the incoming MIDI clock BPM?

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thanks! i also enjoy how it mangles drum beats

yeah i don’t think it slaves to MIDI at all at the moment, that’s on the to-do list though!

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oh yeah!
i ran a NAVA 9 through it for last night’s noiz session.

it works really well!
i look forward to the next update!!!


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