Bloomington / Southern Indiana Ambient / Experimental?

This is all great to read. I’m moving to Zionsville (a suburb just north of Indy) in a few weeks. My wife matched to Riley for her fellowship, and we chose Zionsville because my sister and her family live there. It’s going to be quite the change from Houston, but I grew up in Canton, OH so I think I’m prepped hahah.



I’m biking to Tube Factory tonight for your show!

If anyone else in the area wants to meet for chat/beverages HMU (@MatthewAshmore ?)


I can’t make it this weekend! But I do plan on heading down to check it out ASAP! I will drop a line when I think that will be.

It Looks awesome from what I’ve seen on the gram. Already sparked some creative juice for me. Congrats to @funkoftherob !!

And @trickyflemming
Dude that’s super exciting! It’s definitely a change and growing like crazy up there. I lived in zionsville for a couple years and really enjoyed it. I Work just south of there and dispatch the zionsville area for work. You need anything drop me a line! Would love to kick it some time and geek out

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Also unable to make this tonight, but excited to see events like this happening up there. Look forward to checking out the tube factory in the future and please keep us abreast of any of your shows as well.

Can you speak to what’s happening in Louisville? My wife and I used to drive through weekly for work and always felt like there must be something great going on there (in addition to Copper & Kings :grinning:).
Is there a modular scene? What parts of town are happening?
You can PM me, if this is straying too off topic.

i’d be interested too, please n thank you! i’m not in louisville proper, but i am in the area.

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By the way: I think this event is free for those from Southern Indiana:

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There is a crew of folks that are all involved in the group Equipment Pointed Ahnk, the festival Cropped Out, the distro Technique Street, and label Sophomore Lounge that do really cool stuff.
EPA’s modular dude makes amazing records as Flanger Magazine. Sorta of pastoral guitar and modular synth.
Also the label Obsolete Staircases is running by a guy that plays modular in numerous projects.


Hey Indiana peeps!

I was so lucky to meet some of you last time I hosted an event at the Tube Factory in June,

I’m having a pair of concerts a week from now that I think a lot of you guys would like.

The first night features a new piece I’m writing for/with the Ohio University percussion ensemble which is a bit like a mini concerto for the glass organ (an electric cristal baschet I built), percussion, and electronics. It will also include a set by Neutrals from Dayton, along with Aaron Michael Butler.

The second night will feature a performance of Timber by Michael Gordon.

Link to event: Contact: New Percussion Music at Tube Factory Tickets, Fri, Oct 21, 2022 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

Video highlighting the Glass Organ - "Rob Funkhouser & The Building of a Cristal Baschet" - Documentary - YouTube

Video of timber performance led by AMB - Excerpt from "Timber", by Michael Gordon - YouTube

I would love to see some folks there! I’m really excited to share this music.