Bluetooth MIDI Ansible / Earthsea?

Has anyone tried using bluetooth midi adapters with Ansible or Earthsea (those are the two modules I have, but I suspect other USB MIDI would be similar) ?

I was looking at this guy:

Basically I was looking at full-sized keyboards, and I read great things about the feel of the keys on this keyboard:
It does Bluetooth MIDI, but it doesn’t have USB out :frowning_face:

Also open to other recommendations for simple 88-key with great realistic hammer action.


Don’t know about the bluetooth component, but I recently got a good deal on a Yamaha P-115 and shortly after, Yamaha introduced its successor, the P-125 so you might be able to find a good price on it. And the P-115 does have USB… only thing I’ve plugged it into so far is an iPad.

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did you manage to find a solution?

You can always use a usb>din cable for midi. If something doesn’t have USB or DIN, imo it’s too far gone :joy:

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