Bluetooth midi guide Norns

so i followed this guide to get bluetooth midi working on pi 3 then added the device via ssh terminal
it lists the keyboard (nanokey studio) in aconnect successfully

but it doesn’t show in Norns midi devices, any way to make this work?



Unfortunately Norns only looks at the USB subsystem for midi devices.

I’ve hacked on this a bit, but not made much progress.

:wave: It look’s like with Support for non-USB MIDI ports (Ex: virtual, network, etc ) - #10 by patriciogv this is now pretty straightforward!

It took me a long time to get to where @leolodreamland was a year ago but to make it easier for those interested, this is how I was able to get the internal bt to work

the next step was simply:
aconnect <blemidi>:0 <virtualmidi>:0