Bluetung 'Under The Power Lines: Étude for AM Radio, Power Lines, Sferics and Ultrasonics'

Hello lines friends,

I’m not sure of too many other places on the internet to share sound art, but I’m sure there are some likeminded people here who’ll appreciate this.

A few weeks ago I released my latest sound art work with an accompanying book (detailed description/release notes on the bandcamp).
The work uses a coil pickup microphone, AM radio, and homemade sferics receiver and has no re-pitching of any material - everything is collaged together as-is to weave a journey over the 28 minutes.
The accompanying book is filled with my own photography and writing, as well as quotes from Pauline Oliveros, Douglas Kahn, Robin Rimbaud, Alvin Lucier and other inspirations.

Hope you enjoy, and hear something outside of your usual comfort zone.
Love x


What a fantastic release this is! Thank you!! And I’m dearly flattered to be offer some modest inspiration too!


This sounds fun!

first few minutes of listining, and i am enjoying it. (bad laptop speakers though)

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