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piggy backing on the video game thread I"m just wondering if anyone is playing any board games

some my wife and I play often are

Imperial assault
She has only just allow me to play as the imperial player after 10 or more campaigns and it has changed things quite a bit for me. This game is seriously addicting and I think it may not be best for two players that being said we have had many missions end in one last role of the dice deciding who wins and who loses.

Mythos Tales
A fantastic lovecraftian deduction game. This game will test your inner Sherlock Holmes.

The Cave
this is a well themed game wherein you are exploring a cave and managing resources (food, boats, camera, ropes) without getting stuck in the depths

this game is a take on chess but a little more accessible to younger ages (because who doesn’t love bugs). It is quick but methodical a wonderful game for airports and restaurants

honorable mentions

Evolution ( or climate evolution)
this game was a favorite amongst my 4th and 5th grade after school program. it feel different every time you play especially when introducing new players. There are so many choices as to what kind of creature you want to be and with the new climate expansion your choices of food make a much bigger impact upon the whole game

We just got this game recently but it is a blast, if you have ever played any game like werewolf this makes it more fun and less tedious (as it tends to get with larger groups). The makeup of this game is lying about what role you have and keeping track of what everyone else says they are. This game is so much fun for big groups (and great for the after school programs to see how the kids lie ;))

This game is absolute mayhem in 10 minutes. In it every one is rolling dice at the same time trying to coordinate movements through an ancient temple and collecting little green gemstones.

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Escape is awesome. Especially if you turn the sound track up REALLY LOUD.

Twilight Struggle - very hard, but very cool premise for a game. Cold war Europe. Battle for control by diplomacy / military might.


One of my favourites lately is Flash Point. I like the fact it’s a cooperative game, my partner and I have had so much fun playing this with friends.

I’d be interested in hearing other recommendations for cooperative games.


It would appear my personal favourite has been rereleased!!! BLOOD BOWL!!

Weirdly the mist expensive place to get it is direct from GW!?!


It might be a bit old school, but I really enjoy Carcassone. I also recently played Pandemic for the first time recently, and liked the notion of players working together.

Unsurprisingly (as a long time caver), I’ve wondered about this game and how well it was constructed. I guess I should pick up a copy!


We play a lot of Agricola, Caverna and recently Patchwork at home and enjoy them all very much.


Hive is awesome, need to pick up my own copy.

Card games not board games, but I’m a big fan of Boss Monster II and Star Realms. Both have excellent game mechanics and are really fun to play!


Growing up I was a huge RPG fan, but as I’ve gotten older it’s been tougher finding a group that’s on the same page that isn’t overly frustrating with regard to scheduling. BUT, I do run a game club at my school and it’s a great place for the misfits to come together and learn social skills and a lot more in a relaxed setting. I also do some board games in the classroom (Catan America, 1775: Rebellion, and may try Freedom this year).

I’ve always wanted to play Agricola and Le Havre personally. If you enjoy more intense games, Twilight Struggle (Cold War game) and Squad Leader (WW2 tactics game) are cool. Swords and Strongholds (by the company that makes the excellent RPGs Burning Wheel, Mouse Guard, and Torchbearer) looks neat too. I need to remember to push my girlfriend to try it with me sometime.

In game club I’ve discovered X-Wing (the space pilot equivalent of Imperial Assault - my coworker is obsessed and has a TON of the ships), Tummple (sort of a reverse jenga stacking game), Sushi Go, Cat Tower, then there’s always the classic Settlers of Catan :slight_smile:

There’s a TMNT game that is due out soon that looks cool, but these games are so expensive, I find it hard to justify buying for personal enjoyment since it’s tough to schedule hangs with friends.

I really would love to get more into Squad Leader personally and as a history nerd I love all the military strategy games the most.

EDIT: Sorry that some of these aren’t proper board games, I think of any non-video games in a similar spirit of sitting around a table with friends.


+1 for Agricola and Carcassonne.

Other favourites include:

Bohnanza - infuriating as UNO, tactical as Risk.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms - there are now like a dozen different Tiny Epic games, but none have come close to the fun factor of the original.


I had great fun with my after school kids playing pirates if the Spanish main. Get to build little ships and plunder islands for treasure. The expansions with sea monsters were ace.


Me and my game group are playing another piratey game right now, SeaFall… it’s from the creator of Risk Legacy and co-designer of Pandemic Legacy. So stuff happens over many games, and playing it feels a lot like binge-watching a TV season with your game group. Sadly, SeaFall is one of those shows where you’re kind of just watching because you want to see where it goes, not because watching is, you know, fun. Tonight we’re actually going to take a break and play with some of the games in Pyramid Arcade, a beautiful and, dare I say, modular system of beautiful little pieces with some great game design done to them over the years.

(OMG a lines topic about my other actual area of expertise! EVERYTHING’S COMING UP MILHOUSE)


Pirate-related: Used to play Libertaria with friends. Also played the hell out of Pandemic.

Wife and I occasionally play strategic-type games: Castles of Burgundy, Race for the Galaxy, Dominion

Nowadays I play weekly Android: Netrunner games with a coworker.


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Our current favourites are:

  • Ticket to Ride
  • Forbidden Desert
  • Carcassonne
  • Agricola

Also, if you travel a lot, Forbidden Desert and Carcassonne have awesome iPad versions that make long flights very manageable.


My friend just got Fury of Dracula, I’m looking forward to trying it out.


I definitely rate Forbidden Desert over Forbidden Island - I like them both, but find Island’s doubling-up of tiles and cards (“when a tile sinks, remove its card”) is faffy compared to the sandstorm. Both are lovely co-op games, and simple enough that they don’t descend into that Pandemic situation of “smartest player tells everyone else what to do”.

I adore Lost Cities, which has a beautiful iOS version that indicates column scores in real time, which allows you to play more strategically from the getgo.

Other favourites in my pile: Rivals of Catan / Catan Card Game as was - lovely for two; Love Letter; Jaipur.


My favorite recently has been Blood Rage, which is a nice combination of eurogame and thematic elements and mechanics (plus the miniatures are awesome). There is nicely balanced game-play with lots of different strategies towards gaining VP (one could even win by losing battles), but the thematic elements keep it from feeling too dry (how I feel about most straight-up euro games).


That’s an excellent game. I love the dynamics of one player vs the rest.


my wife and I received our copy of kingdom death from the most recent kickstarter a couple weeks ago

it is all encompassing

it is also brutal more than one head has exploded and arms seems to come off like they are attached by stitches

every time I think oh this other board game is great (like arkham horror card game) I always think but we could spend that time playing kingdom death instead

I wanted to revive this topic as it needs some more love :sunny:


I got mine too, but haven’t had a chance to play yet, and its killing me. :upside_down_face: Great to hear your are enjoying it so far. My wife and I are still playing Massive Darkness as I paint the minis. Good news is I finally finished them the other day.

Painting these is such a great break from digital work, I love being able to work with my hands more, even if these things are crazy small. hahah… Check it out!

So fun!