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Is anyone here involved in creating or using GURPS scenarios? I’m working on my first right now…


Haven’t played GURPs since the early 90s! It’s totally fine, though “Powered by the Apocalypse” is, I think, the system the cool kids are using.


Wow! There’s a whole community devoted to games inspired by the game “Apocalypse World”?? That makes me want to check out that game! I couldn’t find on their site some explanation of what the system consisted of though… (Was looking for a GURPS Lite type summary of the system


Yeah, should be easy enough to Google. “Dungeon World” is Apocalypse World with sword and sorcery, there’s also a cyberpunk one written by someone in New Zealand, it comes highly reviewed.


@dailybells, additionally Monster Hearts, MASHED, World Wide Wrestling, Murderous Ghosts, and Night Witches are all interesting PbtA games - to name a few. There are some that more closely follow, and then a whole batch of games that more loosely take inspiration from AW.


Btw I think the 2d6 system is fantastic, it’s a really easy toolkit to play around with. You add a +1 here, a -1 there, but it’s not this massive Excel spreadsheet of non-linear values. It’s so easy to tweak, so easy to play! :slight_smile:


Wow I forgot Night Witches was a really interesting idea! I wish more games like that


It’s really interesting, but my experience was that the game is exponentially better if the GM knows their WWII Russian front history! MASHED feels similarly niche in a good way. I just named a few that I’ve read over or played. There are many more. There are even some missing from that list, like the recent Kickstarter for Thousand Arrows, which is a sort of Kurosawa samurai game, which I am excited to read over.


Glad to see some Netrunner talk here! I just got into it, as its fading. My partner and I generally play board games most nights. Netrunner is far more my thing than hers, but even though Id watched a few youtube videos and read some stuff about the game beforehand, she still beat me the first time we played (with some encouragement and deck manipulation to give her the ICE breaker cards she wasnt drawing).

Is it worth trying to pick up an expansion before they disappear for extra deck options down the road? I have the revised core set, im thinking that should be plenty for a casual player with 4 deck options per side

In terms of other board games I got Azul for christmas, really enjoying that one! If anyone has recommendations for board games ideal for 2 id like to hear them. Root looks really interesting as something to pick up next, but I think i read a modified ruleset is needed for 2 players.


It all depends on what you each like, but here’s a list of games that my partner and I enjoy at 2-player:

The playtime for games in the list above runs from 30 min. to more than 2 hours. Hope it leads you in some new and interesting directions!


just pinging the thread to remind everyone that we really should figure out how we can get a lines d&d club together.


I’d actually argue it’s “stabilizing,” now that it’s not a commercial product with a business model based, effectively, on churning out cards to generate monthly recurring revenue. FFG ran the game poorly and ultimately mismanaged the licensing of the IP.

Nisei’s “System Core 2019” was quite frankly an inspired brushtroke. Mechanically and balance-wise, fhe game is in a better place than ever, even if power creep has been real and pernicious.

I have started playing in casual “tournaments” again and I’m really looking forward to the Print-on-Demand expansion coming early this year.

If anyone ever wants to jam games on Jnet let me know.


i play like 2 to 4 times a week board games
here’s my top list right now

the resistance
mystic vale

medium high:
mansion fo madness
civilization (new edition)


My friend runs campaigns with people from all around the world on this website. I think it could work.


someone start making the norns DM script


If we do basic through 3.5 I’m game depending on timing (never bought 4th or 5th ed). Roll20+Discord are handy for the platform. I was going to start an Ars Magica game but it is next level confusing and I’m not sure I have the commitment for all that. So I’m still just doing a bi-monthly Torchbearer game that has been a blast :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about doing a regularly scheduled D&D Spelljammer campaign. Each session would be self-contained “mission” like an episode of Star Trek and it would be easy for people to drop in and out with minimal interruption. I would use 5E since I am the most familiar with that iteration of the rules (and apparently 2E materials translate well to 5E). Spelljammer is the most appealing to me because of the gonzo concept and the fact that it would give me a lot of flexibility with content.

I prefer to play IRL, but streaming on Twitch, etc. would also be fun and would be a cool learning experience for me. I would even be up for mixed sessions.


I backed the DW Kickstarter and have been running campaigns in it ever since. It’s what I use to introduce people new to tabletop RPGs. The system is incredibly elegant, simple to learn, pushes collaboration and story telling and has a fair amount of depth.

However, over the years I have moved to doing more one shots, or short campaigns, instead of the multi year campaigns we used to do in pathfinder and d&d.


Yeah, a friend of mine ran DW when it was being beta-tested and I thought it was great. Happily purchased - and it’s rare I spend money on game books anymore.

May be relevant to some, but this looks super and flexible for various systems:


Also, on the board game tip. My nephew got Rising Sun over Christmas, and we have played it 6 times so far and love it. It has replaced Scythe as our, big setup, strategy heavy, game. I have this feeling that we are slowly moving towards Gloomhaven, which is frightening.

I also ended up doing the Massdrop for Wildlands, which has been getting a lot of hype, and I played before Christmas here at work. It was fun and I can see the potential of it. However the only 4 player aspect is a bit of a turn off for our group. We will see. couldn’t pass it up for 30 bucks off.