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I’ve been playing Gloomhaven off and on for the last year. I’ve really tried to like it, but for all my efforts I find it too clunky and set-up heavy to really enjoy (about ~ 1 hour set up per mission). However, my friend who has the copy hasn’t really put a lot of effort into organizing the stuff (there is a lot of stuff in this game) so that could color my enjoyment of it.


Yeah there has been 2 campaigns run here at work, and the response to them has varied from BEST GAEM EVAR to meh, waste of time. I have put off the family from buying with the excuse of no one having the room to leave it set up for a year. and so far that has worked. But im scared it wont hold the wolves at bay for long. Maybe we should get Mage Knight to tide them over :slight_smile:


Here are some suggestions for 2:

  • I can highly recommend Illimat for 2 players to anyone. I recommend buying it with the Crane Wife expansion. I don’t normally recommend expansions with a base game, but this is an exception.
  • I think Arkham Horror: The Card Game is spectacular with 2 if you like theme heavy games.
  • If you have a consistent player to play with, and you like Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring is incredible – though definitely not a general recommendation, as it’s a heavy game figuratively and literally.
  • Also on the heavier side, 1960: The Making of the President is a really really good 2 player game.
  • If you want something that’s low on conflict, pretty, and quick to play, Honshu is an easy recommendation at 2. There’s also a new Hokkaido version, which I haven’t played yet, that switches up the scoring mechanics.

Full disclaimer, I worked on and published these games, but I also think they’re very good and very affordable (though they might be trickier to find right now):

  • Province is a fun little two player euro. Fast casual eurogame feels in a very small package. It’s exceptionally good for what it is.
  • 100 Swords is a concise deck building game with a fantasy cartoon feel that is my favorite game we made. There’s lots of stuff for the game at this point, but you only need one “Dungeon Deck” (of which there are 4) to play.


god I love 1960. The only catch is I still haven’t played it regularly enough to really know it - it’s a bit of a monster. But it’s good - and has one of my favourite probability mechanics (the bag).


Neither have I, but I always really enjoy it when I play it. It’s way more fun than the somewhat dry theme implies.


recommendations for board games ideal for 2 id like to hear them

We just got Patchwork and it’s a very fun, light two-player game. Kingdom Builder is great for two-player. Carcassone is pretty good. Agricola is good but takes some set-up time (we just use the app).


Our most liked:

San Juan
Concordia (Works nicely with two)
Castles of Burgundy

Would love to get Wingspan, seems like a very nice game that works with two.


I think the basic mechanics and the lore/setting of the game are excellent. It is really just the set-up that kills it for me.


Any other Kingdom Death: Monster players here? :black_heart:


My spouse got me Tiny Epic Galaxies for my birthday back in November, but we haven’t actually sat down to play it yet… thanks partly to half-finished projects and random junk on the dining room table :blush:


Any other Kingdom Death: Monster players here? :black_heart:

I wish! Does it live up to the hype?


Yes? I’d say so. The base game has a lot in it. It’s pretty unique, but it’s definitely a game to research well before diving in. It’s also a hobby game, so it asks that you play a lot. It’s an investment in every sense. The basics of the game are pretty easy to learn, but playing well takes a lot of thrashing. A comparison to Dark Souls is warranted in this regard.

I would describe it as nightmare bossfight X-COM. Whether or not you like X-COM is the biggest signifier to me about whether you’d like KD:M. But as a tactical combat game with long term campaign driven development, it has a lot of conceptual overlap.


yes my wife and I play kingdom death!
it is the kind of game that I end up dreaming about when we are really playing a lot
I feel like it scratches a lot of different itches
I honestly could have been perfectly happy with just the base game
the extra content is nice and I’m sure it will ensure that I’ll keep playing for a long time but there is more than enough in the base game

other than that I would have to say the things we get to the table the most are
arkham horror
7th continent

but that is usually after a couple month KDM binge


I wanted to like 7th Continent, but I’m probably going to sell mine. (If anyone reads this and has interest in 7th Continent, PM me!)

Which Arkham Horror? 2nd or 3rd edition?

I overspent on KD:M on Black Friday; I missed the last wave pledge manager opening and had major regrets. Picked up Gorm, Dung Beetle Knight, Spidicules, and Flower Knight for immediate use. I’m finishing a standard People of the Lantern solo campaign before integrating them, but looking forward to trying them out. I’ll probably get a few more Wave 2 expansions once I get some time in with these. Slenderman to replace King’s Man seems to be a near universal recommendation, seeing as the King’s Man is such a piece of shit. :laughing:z


Ooo, do tell. I love Blood bowl but am limited to playing it on Xbox.


Um, well… Dreadball is basically a modified copy of Bloodbowl, made by Mantic Games. Same kind of idea. Dreadball EXTREME adds in a load of other game mechanics and extras. It’s a standalone game, so you don’t need any expansions, but you can use Dreadball teams in Dreadball Extreme and vice-versa. It comes with a lovely neoprene printed gaming mat of the pitch, loads of terrain bits, and a butt tonne of miniatures, including a load of different “Special” players so you won’t get easily bored. I can’t see myself getting any expansions or extra teams for it just because there’s so much in the bloody box to start with. You do need someone to play against, but the fact it’s an all-in-one box means they don’t need to be invested in the game to play. Pretty simple to learn/teach if you’ve played Games Workshop or Mantic games before.

geekrantAs an aside this game, and other mantic games, don’t use classic “dice modifiers” with dice (i.e. roll a 3 to do the thing, or roll a 4 to do the thing). The numbers you have to roll always stay the same, but the modifiers are about the number of dice you roll. So you might have to roll a 3 to do the thing, and as standard you get 3 dice to roll, if it’s a difficult thing, you get a dice taken away from you, if it’s an easy thing you get an extra dice or two. As someone that’s spent too many evenings checking stat sheets for a unit, cross referencing it with stats sheet for the opposing unit, and working out 3 or 4 times a game what number it is I have to roll to DO THE THING, Mantic’s way of doing this is much more intuitive to me. You get to know the numbers you have to roll really quickly, and then modifiers are easy to apply. It’s also less predictable in that you can try to do one thing and end up doing it 5 times over just because you happened to get more dice in your hand. geekrant over



I have played KeyForge a few times. It’s sort of like they raised the floor of the play experience up to the level of “somewhat boring Magic preconstructed deck,” which is cool… except for how it’s not clear that the ceiling is any higher than that.


Yeah, so I’ve played a few times with a few different decks (my friend’s, not mine).

I like:
-Everyone always having roughly the same amount of cards in their hands.
-No Pay-to-win.
-Make the most of what you’ve got rather than blame the deck.
-Always being able to do something interesting each go.
-Don’t like a card? Just discard it and draw another.
-The unique deck thing has been executed well with unique card backs and unique names. From a generative art point of view it’s pretty cool this has been included. They could very well have just had generic card backs with stamped numbers on them.

I don’t like:
-The App has so much potential and yet isn’t even half-launched yet. They totally should have had it ready for launch.
-The objective isn’t something I care about / it’s too abstract or convoluted: Play creatures that generate amber with which to forge keys of which you need three for some arbitrary reason, but also attack your opponent’s creatures and hey look here are some interesting artefacts, and it DEFINITELY does matter which order your creatures are in on the table, but in practice it rarely actually matters… I kind of feel an objective of “collect 18 amber to win” would have been a clearer, more swingy kind of win-con.
-Even though the finance side of TCGs shouldn’t apply to this, the human condition means that there are gamers buying dozens and dozens of decks just to find particular combos that are “good”. Humans are dumb. I dare say that 10 games played with 3 or 4 decks is just as fun as 10 games played with stacks and stacks of decks to choose from, if not more so, but people want to OWN stuff.


Back when I played 2e (25 years ago?), I was interested in running a Spelljammer campaign. My (A)D&D experience was limited to Dark Sun, which was, perhaps, a difficult place to start given the ubiquity of psionics.


Keyforge update: Played a local competition. Came last. There are some stupidly overpowered decks out there. And some people who spend a lot of money on buying boxes and boxes of decks. And I didn’t play that well. And I’d had too much coffee.