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Interestingly, Richard Garfield says the whole thing that drove the design was bringing back league play. I don’t expect that conventional tournaments will ever be fun for anyone but the most hardcore.


Speaking of Richard Garfield…

I first discovered Robo Rally with some friends back in college. I’ve been telling me wife for years that it’s an amazing game, but wasn’t able to find it until recently (it was re-released in the past couple years with some slight rule changes). I was worried that it wasn’t actually as fun as I remembered, but we’ve been playing it with friends and she loves it. So good to spread the Robo-love.


Any tournament format for Keyforge that let’s you bring decks seems incredibly uninteresting.


@grey I think they’re just trying to keep the cost of competing down to attract a wider player base. I had fun playing against some people I’d never met before and making new friends, but I totally get your point; it was far from a balanced competition.