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Interestingly, Richard Garfield says the whole thing that drove the design was bringing back league play. I don’t expect that conventional tournaments will ever be fun for anyone but the most hardcore.


Speaking of Richard Garfield…

I first discovered Robo Rally with some friends back in college. I’ve been telling me wife for years that it’s an amazing game, but wasn’t able to find it until recently (it was re-released in the past couple years with some slight rule changes). I was worried that it wasn’t actually as fun as I remembered, but we’ve been playing it with friends and she loves it. So good to spread the Robo-love.


Any tournament format for Keyforge that let’s you bring decks seems incredibly uninteresting.


@grey I think they’re just trying to keep the cost of competing down to attract a wider player base. I had fun playing against some people I’d never met before and making new friends, but I totally get your point; it was far from a balanced competition.


Big Netrunner player here, mostly played at home with friends and my wife Lucia but also have gone to a few meet-ups in London.

Also been playing Warhammer Champions CCG which although not my theme has some nice mechanics.

And yep, been trying Keyforge too, only a handful of games so far. I like it but nothing is filling the space that Netrunner still takes.

First game I bought getting into this worthy money sink was the first run of Kingdom Death: Monster. Amazing game and yes does live up to the hype. We hadn’t played in a while and so got it out Christmas, so much fun and still a great game.

Also play a lot of Dead of Winter, some Arkham Horror LCG, and recently I bought FFG Genesys which I am very excited about. I’ve almost finished reading and begun working on a Isolation style single player and GM one shot. Finally after seeing PlayStation Access play Cyberpunk 2020, I picked up a copy of that RPG, still only scratching the surface but looks great fun.

Will prob grab FFG Netrunner RPG book later this year.

Excited loads of players on here. Any based in London?


Hey, I’m not based in London, but go a lot with work. What area are you?



I am based in Seven Sisters, Tottenham so pretty easy to get most places central. I’d be up for a meet up.


I started DM-ing in 1978 (!) and would be happy to participate.


My son got excited about Keyforge just before the holiday, and I probably played a half-dozen or so games with him. I lost every single one … except the last one.

As someone who has played a lot of CCGs, I found this frustrating. Then a light went on.

The “trick” with Keyforge is you have to actually study your deck ahead of time to figure out what it does. My last game dragged, and I fell behind two keys to zero before roaring back. It all came together so beautifully that it left me feeling somewhat elated and curious to play a little more. It’s a different animal though.


@bobbcorr - I think this is a good metric of a good game - How Swing-y is it? Can you come back from near defeat? This is why I love football, because when you’re in a stadium with 3 minutes left on the clock, it still feels like there’s EVERYTHING left to play for.

Keyforge certainly has that element, and I agree that you need to know how your deck is going to produce the AEmber to win, because there are so many different tactics. I would also say though, that there is a LOT of variance between decks.

More Swing-y games where you can win out of NOWHERE:
-Fields of Arla
-Monopoly Deal.


Oh man—Fields of Arle is one my partner and I love! We try to play anytime we’re snowed in. I guess I hadn’t thought of the ability to win out of nowhere, because it’s such a long game, but I can totally see that, especially if you can amass enough resources to build the biggest buildings and trade.


I definitely pulled that game out of my tuchus. I can’t recall the specific details but I was able to use Bad Penny to trigger an effect that allowed me to take aember from him until we were equal and that was the start of a big roll that was capped with re-playing a card that allowed me to sacrifice one aember to forge a key at current costs. That got me up to two really fast. I was so stunned that things were working well that I forgot the details in the moment.

So yes, it’s swing-y.


i bought the Broken Token organizer for it and have found that to be as essential to the game experience as the game pieces, scenario/rule book, and players. there is no world in which the game is as fun as it is if you have to dig through an unorganized pile of cardboard for all the requisite bits every time you set up a scenario.

the only downside is the expense and assembly; it costs $80 and you have to put it together yourself, along with your friends Patience and Wood Glue.

also we have developed a pretty effective system to distribute the tasks associated with scenario set up and can coordinate that while one person reads City and Road event cards which helps keep us in the game.


Here’s how it all fits in the organizer/consolidated into the box.


Ha, not if you follow my team :tired_face: (Greenock Morton).

On the game front, we picked up Takenoko with a Christmas/Birthday Amazon voucher. Looks really nice. Gardening/weather/Panda managing game. But it’s a little too complex for playing with junior.

We also got OK play. Which is great. Everyone in family can play and gets interesting when the tiles are used up.


+1 for Splendor.
Easy to learn, but deep enough to offer complexity in game strategy.


I would recommend Century Spice Road over Splendor to anyone. It’s is very similar and (from my plays) better if you are looking for a euro-y trade-em-up.

Been enjoying more Illimat. Finally picked up The Lost Expedition, which I really enjoy both aesthetically and mechanically - which I would best describe as Tin-Tin-jungle-survival. Played a disastrous game of The Grizzled over the weekend along with a cute game called Space Base, which has a really fun dice mechanic where everyone’s dice rolls can generate resources for anyone who has cards for those numbers. It has a fancy Bingo vibe that is pretty darn fun.


Ah, a good friend of mine designed that game :slight_smile:.


Well kudos to them! :relaxed: It’s easily one of my all time favorites. I really cannot say enough nice things about it.


Recently hot for me:

  • Jump Drive & Race for the Galaxy (managed to sway wife to try RftG through Jump Drive, YES)
  • Architects of the West Kingdom
  • Fantasy Realms (haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but aching to)
  • Wingspan (One game so far, seemed very nice. It’s probably the game with the best production values that I know of)