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Century Spice Road is a good game, but I strongly disagree with this statement. I am biased because Splendor is one on my favorite games of all time!


That game is great and so freaking tough to beat.


damn how have I not heard of Spelljammer until now? sounds amazing!

also, I have only a few evenings of experience with D&D, but had a blast and would love to play with lines folks in one way or another if it is a relatively beginner friendly thing, or at least if there are some suggestions on what to read/study to prepare.

+1 for self-contained missions or whatever to allow flexibility - the need for everyone to show up every time is what killed my in-person D&D games.

also, if anyone ever comes through Cleveland, Ohio, we’ve got at least two good board game bars: Side Quest and Tabletop. would be down to meet at either!


Oh, man, Spelljammer. The biggest aesthetic opportunity that D&D keeps missing. It would have been flawless as a heavy-psych Technicolor magical-accident scene, but instead: polite fantasy art.

I never got to actually play it. I should run it with the system from Itras By. (Sorry I can’t link that, I’m at work: it’s a surrealist-leaning system from I think Poland? There’s a translation on DriveThruRPG.)


(Am I being just the absolute worst hipster? Maybe. Spelljammer is dope, Itras By is dope, I’m going to bed early on a Friday)


Hive and Coup are both lots of fun. I introduced both games to some people over the weekend. Both games went down well. We played Coup with a standard deck of cards. No excuse to not give it a go!