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wow these are beautiful

I love common theme among all figures

my wife and I are just starting to do some painting I’ll have to post up some pics


Thank you – yes def post some pics!

I’d love to hear a bit more of your thoughts about the first few play throughs, without spoilers if possible! :smiley:


Spoilers on a board game? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If I understand Kingdom Death correctly it’s story based, sort of a quasi-RPG. I haven’t looked into it too much though.


KD:M is indeed story-based, with a campaign and persistent characters (that is, persistent apart from getting killed at the drop of a hat).

An in-depth review that’s absolutely worth half an hour: (note that, like the game, it’s NSFW)

Me, I recommend Gloomhaven instead.


Gloomhaven looks cool. If I’m going to play a campaign based game, I’ll just play DnD or Starfinder though :grinning:


We veer towards clever card games in our house, Exploding Kittens and Sushi Go are two favorites.

My son and I play Pathfinder Card Adventures (it’s a card game, it’s an rpg, it’s both!). We play X-wing (we have a modest ship collection). We’ve played many of the straight up board games listed in this thread, but we keep coming back to card games with a clever mechanic. The ten year old is currently in an after-school program that teaches game making, culminating in designing your own board or card game. I’m a den leader in his cub scout den, and just taught the boys (and one girl, though it’s unofficial - sorry. working on that) a multi week game making workshop badge thing. They’re going to have to make their own games, or change the rules of existing games to emphasize one of 5 game elements we studied (mechanics, story…three other things I can’t remember).


mostly we played a lot of things wrong

you can’t be severely injured more than one time per monster hit location (unless monster attacks the same hit location more than one time in an attack)
dodge only doges one of the monsters attack dice (regardless of damage)
don’t get cocky
don’t read anything you don’t have to (at least for us this made it so much more fun) including terrain and gear
this can be really hard to do but it just makes it so much more thematic not knowing anything
terrain gets put out (I believe) starting with the first actual non prologue fight which for the lion is the high grass and two random cards

…yes spoilers
you should know nothing going into kingdom death
you wake up in the dark unable to talk about to be attacked with no knowledge


I used to play pathfinder ACG with my wife and some friends
we have apocrypha and haven’t played much as it arrived right before kingdom death

however I’ve got to say that is adventure card games are you bag you must try arkham horror card game it is miles ahead of pathfinder ACG (at least in our house :wink: )



serious business.


in all serious seriousness, Fury of Dracula is a masterpiece of asymmetrical design. fun on many levels (graph theory to emotional manipulation.) looks great. easy to pause and resume. works with 2-5 players. best game ever.


Also from the board-games-with-soundtracks desk:


I’m a big board gamer as well. I have a group of friends that I play with and we are big fans of Five Tribes, as well as Blood Rage.

My gf and I do a fair amount of gaming as well, and some recent favorites are Tiny Epic Galaxies and Terra Mystica. Last year we celebrated July 4 by learning and playing Twilight Struggle too----that ruled!


Card game - so sort of a board game - with a twist. And, apparently, goats.

Posting a link to Amazon because that’s what I have.


Agreed. My wife won’t play it anymore though. I played chess when I was young and I find hive similar in terms of deep thinking.

We also play Codex, which is like a cross between Dominion and Magic: The Gathering in Warcraft trappings. It replaced Android: Netrunner in our play schedule.

We’ve played a few games of Twilight Struggle but damn is it hard to remember all the rules. It’s hard to get practiced at when we keep having to restart because we forgot a rule. Plus I suffer from analysis paralysis, so it gets kinda long.

We play Sushi Go!, 7 Wonders, Kingdom Builder, Pandemic Legacy, Agricola, Ticket to Ride, and Forbidden Island with our neighbours. We can’t get them into the deeper games (Codex), unfortunately.


Oh twilight struggle is so good! Love it but only played a few sessions of it, most of them has been through steam thou. Easier to get up and running quickly. Also our cats love to try to get onto the world map when it’s out so it can become a bit of a struggle between west and east and the cats (to keep the tokens on the board).


I played Twilight Struggle with the idea of my middle schoolers playing it as a window into the Cold War. That was a ridiculous idea given how complicated it is :slight_smile:

I’d definitely like to play it again.


I played it against my son, who experienced it only via school, whereas I remember bits from being a kid. Interesting conversation resulted.


Been playing a lot of Tak, which is a two player abstract based off of a game from some fantasy novel I haven’t read. Quite a lot of depth to it.

Also Hive and Santorini:

I love abstract strategy games a whole bunch, so have tons of reccomendations for those.


Really enjoy Seven Wonders.

There’s a bit of a rule ramp up, but it’s worth it to me because of the varying strategies you can employ to get points and win (gives an interesting edge to the competitive part of the game play). Game lengths are also short which is good for my short attention span.