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Kingdom Death: Monster is best understood as nightmare world XCOM where your soldiers constantly die, but you get to keep all their gear. The game is intended as a hobby unto itself. A “full game” of KD:M involves playing at least 30 multi-hour sessions, barring total failure. You frequently have a 10% chance of having your best character die during random events. Death is in the name, so know that going in.

Do not let the minis seduce you. Don’t buy the game unless you want to invest the time. It is cool, but is not for everyone on many levels.


my wife and I tend to play 2 or 3 lantern years a sitting

after we survive or die (our first full campaign) I think we will learn fury of dracula (we have had this game for a while but it hasn’t gotten to the table with our group so we will just two player it) then on to gloomhaven for a little bit

that way we can build more kingdom death stuff of course


Had no idea it was available through Steam, that’s exciting! I’ve wanted to try it, but never had anyone locally that shared that interest. Will need to pick up the game during the inevitable Steam Black Friday sale.


I think they made a kickstarter a while ago for it, if you got an iPad it’s on there as well.


that is good to know that game looks great thank you


Le Jeu de la Guerre (The Game of the War)
by Guy Debord


Between my sister, her partner, and my partner and I we got Pandemic Legacy for Christmas. We played the first few months over the last couple of days and plan to play the rest over the rest of the year. It’s definitely hard and takes a lot of strategizing, but it’s really cool how the game evolves in irreversible ways from game to game. You add new rules, change the game map, etc.


I’ve got one more game before I’m finished with Season 1! The game is great fun, but at this point I’m Pandemic’d out.


How long did it take you to get through it? We just went straight to Season 2 which apparently has a lot of different gameplay mechanics, because Season 1 was sold out.


kinda bummed that this electronic edition never got off the ground,

So I have studied the logic of war. Indeed I succeeded long ago in representing its essential movements on a rather simple game-board… I played this game, and in the often difficult conduct of my life drew a few lessons from it — setting rules for my life, and abiding by them. The surprises vouchsafed by this Kriegspiel of mine seem endless; I rather fear it may turn out to be the only one of my works to which people will venture to accord any value. As to whether I have made good use of its lessons, I shall leave that for others to judge.

– debord


@kisielk We started in May, but didn’t play much over the summer and could only play once or twice a month in the fall. I think all told it took us about 2 tries per month, though we beat two months the first time through.

I will say - read the rules carefully and then read them again, particularly as it develops. You will forget and miss things! We would done better if we hadn’t missed a couple rules.


Recently got Illimat in the mail from the Kickstarter (but it is available now as well - and the expansion is highly recommended). It is a very good game with a beautiful presentation and a classic feel.


I just played Twilight Imperium 4th ed. this week. It fixed a lot of the little things that made 3rd a frustrating experience (that damnable tech tree for one) and changed the playmats so information is accessible. All in all a huge improvement over the previous edition.

Only took 3.5 hours with 4 players (one new to TI). I actively want to play 4e again soon!


I can’t find anyone local to play Twilight Struggle with, so I picked up the computer’d version. Haven’t dove in just yet, I’m reading a book on the history of the Cold War…you know…to get ready. Once I get my feet under me, would be interested in playing some PBEM / online games. (Again, apologies, I understand that a computer is not a board, but this seemed like more of an appropriate location for this than the computer game thread.)

Also - my ten year old got King of Tokyo, Bears vs. Babies and Casa Grande for :christmas_tree:. All three are pretty good. I’d recommend Casa Grande for anyone looking for a kid friendly game as a gateway. It’s part Monopoly, part Blokus…very clever mechanic that ends up building these really cool 3-d structures. King of Tokyo is pretty popular, for good reason…fast paced, really fun. Bears v. Babies is kind of meh from my POV. I think Exploding Kittens is a really fun game, super cool mechanic, I like the aesthetic…BvB…it’s clever and fun to build weird creatures, but I’m not sold on the actual gameplay yet.


You might check out Twilight Squabble. More buy in from less invested people. It’s a short card game that tries to simplify Twilight Struggle.

What Cold War book are you reading?


I really enjoy Twilight Struggle. Might be down for PBEM. It’s a fun game™.


Ooo, cool, I will.

This one,

The author acknowledges that it’s a survey, and based on information from other books (not original research), so it’s solidly in “survey” territory, but it reads pretty easy. If I get ambitious, I might check out

I’ve been reading LeCarre novels for years, figured it was time I filled in the knowledge gaps a bit. I aspire to make 2018 the “year of reading more history books”. I won’t commit to it in the 2018 goals thread, but I’ll side-mention here in the board games thread, which has less pressure.


Ooh yeah, that Gaddis book is a solid overview I think.

Let me know what you think of Twilight Squabble if you end up playing it. I picked it up for an extra credit opportunity for my students, but just got it, so no one has played it yet.


In sixth grade, my social studies teacher taught geography by orchestrating a massive week long game of Diplomacy. I’d like to say it was somehow formative for me, but honestly I didn’t like him much and I was knocked out in the first round. HOWEVER, I bet your game is cooler and you’re a cooler teacher.


I may have mentioned this in another thread, but as a teacher, I am inherently ‘the man’. I’m thankful to teach at a school that allows me to tinker with gaming and some kids like me, but I’m sure some kids dislike me. You can’t take things personally when you work with teenagers, they are a unique group :slight_smile: