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Bought it (Twilight Struggle) for iOS when it was released but ended up getting it on a steam sale as well, my old iPad i too slow to handle it in way that don’t frustrate me to pieces. But I like the the port to touch, really good stuff. Just me that need to get a newer tablet of some kind.


Not sure if this is a board game or computer game. However, my brother just bought me Dropmix for my birthday. Really fun game. Card based remix/mashup concept using NFC equipped cards to later loops of tunes.

The group games are ace, and oathjnr loves the freestyle mode, she insists on always having Sia “chandelier” as the vocal track :dizzy_face:

Nice that you can save good “mixes” as well.


I pulled out Barcelona: The Rose of Fire again over the weekend, and I think it’s a really underappreciated gem. It models social unrest in the context of growth in a really compelling way. The rulebook needs some work, but there’s an unincluded reference sheet on Board Game Geek that makes things much clearer.


i saw one mention of cave evil earlier but no discussion around it - has anyone played cave evil or cave evil: warcults?

i love the heavy metal aesthetic and it looks like fun. dan deacon posts about the original cave evil on instagram every now and then and it always piques my interest - it’s too bad that it’s sold out.


I saw that recently, definitely got me interested! he and his friends were wearing hats that seemed connected to the game = bonus points for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only played once, but I really like Deep Sea Adventure. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of, and it is surprisingly challenging and forces/encourages some amount of cooperation (or at least scheming) with the folks you’re playing with. It took us into the third round (of three rounds) before anyone managed to score any points, which I thought was fun.


I have a copy of War Cults on the shelf. Still in shrink, I’m ashamed to say.


Been playing Arkham Horror the LCG a few times now, the Dunwich campaign, with a friend. Must say I’m impressed how well it plays and how many of the scenarios has been a nail biting race against time and resources with very climatic endings.


The Arkham Horror LCG is just such a clever game. The campaign play is great. It’s fun to experiment with different characters and decks. I haven’t gotten to the Carcosa Cycle yet, but I’ve had fun with both the core and Dunwich! The game just combines so many bits of some of my favorite games. One of my favorites!


Yeah, it feels like it has a great replay value as well. Got one scenario left with the dunwich campaign, then back and replay it with different character and/or decks. The most interesting thing that I’ve felt with every game of it is that the narrative actually exists and develops, not in a fine literature with deep themes kind of way, but in tension.


A friend of mine has a copy of Cave Evil that we have been meaning to play for over a year and a half. The game is so metal it comes with a backpatch for your denim or leather vest/jacket! Unfortunately every attempt to get it on the table has fallen through.


hahaha this game sounds awesome! I love board games and metal this sounds like a great game to try out


Holy crap you’re a nerd and I love it these look absolutely fantastic


Cave Evil is awesome. 4 of us have played about 4 nights of it (though it’s been a few years now) and it’s so brutal/hilarious. The Mushroom Eaters by the same guy is also great, though obviously much different.

Highly recommend Galaxy Trucker. Each player spends time building a ship and then you take them out on treacherous galactic delivery missions. The winner usually returns with very little ship left, super fun.


used to attend a pretty serious game night then had a kid. missed the Cave Evil night.

regularly played Quantum which is excellent. we modded it to accommodate six players.

I’m also a big fan of Seven Wonders as you can complete a game in 30 minutes.

just played Munchkin with some folks a few weeks back and that was fun.


I have recently acquired Fog of Love, a board game for two players that simulates romantic comedies in pretty intense detail. By all reports it’s almost a role-playing game. If I end up streaming my first game on Twitch, as I hope to, I will let this channel know the date and time.


these games have been on the table recently

  • Voyages of Marco Polo - A worker placement/resource management game with a Renaissance Era theme (surprise, surprise). I enjoy this game quite a bit and is warming to this style of game, which I always found to be a little dry.
  • Gloomhaven - My friend has a copy and we’ve completed four scenarios over the last couple months (we started on the harder setting and got crushed!). This a resource management game in RPG clothes. I’m starting to enjoy it more now that I understand how to use my character, but I’m not completely sold on playing through the whole thing yet.
  • Splendor - easily one of my favorites games
  • Dominion - classic, but new to me - I love this game!


i’ve been meaning to try this one out for ages! an old roommate had a copy but it never made it onto the table when i was around. it’s worth the purchase?


Yeah, it is a lot of fun and is a nice balance of simplicity and depth. I love deck building games in general so I might be a little biased. Also, in the base set there are 20 cards (plus ~10 expansions) and you only play with ten at a time so there is a high replay value.


I played Terraforming Mars a couple of times last winter/this spring with a group of friends. Taking place over many generation, each player play as a corporation that’s part of settling and terraforming Mars, by planting forests, increasing the oxygen levels, creating oceans, raising the temperature, building cities, developing new scientific methods etc. Very enjoyable game at an easy pace. Amazingly well balanced for having so many unique action/ability cards. One can take many different approaches to winning the game. Apparently coming out for tablets this year too :—)


Two recent games my group has played that I really like are

  • Ra - a really cool bidding game
  • Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar - One of the most unique worker placement games I have seen. The simplicity of the rules belies the strategy and tough decisions of this game!