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Luke is a friend; he’s a great person and a great designer. If you get a chance to play his Inheritance parlor LARP, do so!

Torchbearer is cool game. It’s mechanically meaty, but still very flavorful. I’ve been meaning to run the Stone Dragon Mountain scenario for some time. Really well done book.

I’m a huge fan of Apocalypse World and its progeny (“Powered by the Apocalypse”) as well. Monster Hearts is a great monsterous teen drama game. (Avery Alder is another brilliant designer. Her stuff is choice.) Night Witches is a neat game women who were soviet pilots in WWII. Dungeon World does what people seem to think D&D does. I can recommend others!

Fall of Magic was designed by my friend Ross, who is another incredible designer.

It’s a story-driven role playing game driven by prompts on the scroll. It’s incredibly excellent both aesthetically and mechanically.


I playtested Dungeon World and have the book. I definitely dig their approach. I think AW is great, but feel like they tried too hard to be edgy and ‘mature content, ooh’. I dunno, just rubbed me the wrong way, but love a gritty post-apocalyptic setting and the mechanics.

If you’re a friend of Luke’s feel free to spill the beans on whatever game they were playtesting at GenCon called Parsley. :slight_smile: Info seems scant, but it’ll probably be an instant purchase. I’ll have to look into Fall of Magic.


Parsley may refer to the series of Parsely games by Luke’s longtime friend and sometime collaborator Jared Sorensen. The Parsely games include the Action Castle series, and can support a basically infinite number of players. They turn one player into a human parser of a text adventure, and other players take turns issuing one command, navigating a common protagonist around a map and solving puzzles. They’re fun at parties. I think a number of them are being collected somehow soon, including some new ones.


I’m curious about Slack, too.


I’m a sucker for anything co-op. I own many versions of “Pandemic” now. “Arkham Horror” is great. “Forbidden Desert”… The licensed “Star Trek” version of “Castle Panic” is surprisingly good.

I don’t usually like anything competitive, just because that isn’t what I want in my social interactions. But I do recommend “Tsuro” for its minimalism and emergent chaos. (and there is totally a generative music app to be built from monitoring the board state on this)

(I’m not a fan of the sequel, “Tsuro of the Seas” – I think it adds too much complexity. But you can ignore the new elements and play by the old rules, so I’d probably recommend buying that version regardless. It’s like a core game and expansion two-for-one.)

And then, despite my distaste for competitive games, I’ve become completely obsessed with “Potion Explosion”. It’s like a tactile version of Bejeweled," with strategic deck building aspects. They’ve done a surprisingly good job balancing all the powers; this one’s much deeper than it looks.

(here again, the “Fifth Ingredient” expansion just seems to make everything more complicated than it needs to be. But that is growing on me.)

There’s also another opportunity for a generative music app on this one, mounting a webcam above the marble dispenser assembly.
5 rows, 8 cells per row, four color choices per cell ( plus “empty”, but that’s more about reducing the number of columns). Decide what those represent, and you’re good to go.


not computer or video game (i suppose there is a version for the computer) but: any of you lines users MTG players?

Computer & video games

There’s a board game thread you might look up. I feel like some have brought it up along with RPGs. You might find the chatter there more related.


Yeah, a bit. It’s a nice way of meeting new people as so many people play, but the over commercialised elements annoy me. For deck building I totally recommend star realms, which is fun cheap, and has a free app.

The Final Fantasy TCG is an amazing trading card game based on MTG, but solves many of the games problems, bringing out more tactical elements. Once again, though, overly commercial business model.


+1 for Star Realms, great little game


i have a copy of star realms that doesn’t get played enough. a group of friends have been playing a lot of a DC Deck building cube lately and it’s super fun/deep.

FFTCG is great but not a ton of people to play with around my parts.


I mostly play board games but have recently gotten back into MTG and really taken to the Commander format. I love politics in games and organized chaos in general, and it rules for that!


i play a lot of board games (3 times a week :slight_smile: )
so far this year best game goes to Root
completely asymmetrical and great combinations of settings


+1 for Root! Only played a couple of times, but so mindbending to switch between factions! I thought Scythe was good for having to work out how to win each game with the combination of faction / engineering / factory player boards, but Root is totally crazy. I love the weird Tory birds, great play dynamic, and surprisingly balanced win-conditions, which at first sight seem totally unachievable.

Re: MTG Commander, I think it’s a shame that the more fun versions of Magic, are often the least “tactical”. We can all enjoy a game with a lot of luck and chance, but they don’t seem to hit the balance very well.


maze rats is a tiny rpg ruleset/toolkit that ive been loving lately.
just sprinkle on the dungeon synth for a really great time!


does anyone have any reading recs / online resources for D&D dungeon masters starting out? i used to DM for my group of friends back in middle school but am deeply out of practice. my wife and a few of our friends want to get into it though and asked if i’d DM our initial quests since i’d done it before but i’m feeling a little lost at where to begin. any help appreciated!


Not sure of reading recommendations for D&D but the Burning Wheel game books have a lot of interesting food for thought that can apply to other games. I’d also encourage you to follow Adam Koebel who is one of the forces behind Roll20. I think he has some story creation/DM advice in a series that he does on Twitch but archives to YouTube.


My favorite is Web DM, who have some good episodes about starting out and other considerations. I appreciate their thoughtful and player centric approach to the game. I listen to their episodes every week.

They have a lot of episodes - monsters, classes, etc. - but I would check out the New DM Tips, New Characters, How to Play DnD 5E, Problem DMs, and Player Driven Campaign episodes.


Netrunner :slight_smile:


We did the intro campaign in 5th edition and my friend DM’d. He had never done it before but basically just used the 5th edition Starter set and got the DM guide and Players Handbook, but the starter set was the main thing that helped him.


I think what I love about Commander is how out of balance it is, and so the political aspect is what balances it. The same goes for Cosmic Encounter. But I will say that most of my group prefer the more strategic games like Scythe, which I still love, but there’s something about the chaos that is just so fun.

As for boardgames, my partner and I have really been loving Nusfjord by Uwe Rosenberg.