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I think there needs to be a music group who play Netrunner meet up :slight_smile:


Yeah agree. Netrunner definitely demands lots of attention, I have often stayed up very later building a deck to be continuing as soon as I wake up. I can;t say there are many hobbies that have done that to me.

Out of the loop, we occasionally play Arkham, although not nearly enough, and big fans of Dead of Winter, such a great group game. Looking forward to Keyforge as that looks set to be some pretty magical stuff and could get others who wouldn’t normally play that sort of game to the table.

I presume you are probably following Godtear?


I play some table top games, but heard about this one on twitter from the creator. Maybe some of you have heard of it? Anyway I found it really interesting.

The game is called SIGMATA
(Here’s the link to the Kickstarter)

And here’s the [THREAD] with the creator talking about some of the ‘findings’.
Example of a few of the tweets:

I wrote a “political” RPG. I have some fun/interesting/scary insights from that.

The first insight, observed during the Kickstarter, was assumptions about the game’s political agenda, which both worked for the project and worked against it in unanticipated ways, and elicited interesting responses from various political sects.

I can’t help but wonder if this guy has been contacted by the CIA too. I can’t find the video clip now, but I think Elan Lee of Exploding Kittens got a very strange phone call the night before the talk I saw asking if he wanted to work for them (he said no).


Color me very interested in this game. Thanks for sharing!


Netrunner fans rejoice—kind of.

The FFG apocalypse came and went and we now have Project Nisei, a community-run initiative to keep the game going at all levels (rules updates, card legality, prize support, tournament organizing, and eventually entirely new expansions).

November 19 is the launch of “System Core 2019” which is a very West Coast synthesis name for an updated core set.

For abandonware, I’d say it’s in good health. Or, the Game of Thrones quote Netrunner wags have been fond of trotting out: “that which is dead cannot die.”


I spent four glorious hours with my son at The Board and Brew in College Park, MD on Saturday, where we

a) enjoyed a late breakfast,
b) drank entirely too much excellent coffee,
c) played Space Base (AEG), and
d) played Gloom 2nd Edition (Atlas Games)

I can strongly recommend both games while also admitting that the former needs a much more substantial table to play it on than we afforded it.


With enough attention, new cards will likely be forced offline. I would hazzard a guess that Wizards is actively working on their own version, and they’ve got incentive to enforce their IP rights. I could see Asmodee/FF going either way on that, but even they have reasons to go after such an initiative. I’ve not read about their plans, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I hope that doesn’t happen though. :crossed_fingers:


Is Nisei 二世, second generation? bc that’s p fitting


Wow, was not expecting to see discussion of Netrunner on lines. Awesome.

I only ever played in person once but there was about a year at the end of college where I obsessively played online on Jinteki, before and during the Flashpoint cycle. I had always ignorantly thought card games like that were “lame,” but once I actually found out about and played netrunner I became obsessed. It’s really a remarkable game, with so many different playstyles, so much wonderful asymmetry, so many different ways to activate the imagination, such a rich universe…

The flavor text on the card ghost runner always stuck with me:

“In the spaces between the data, do trapped souls of the past persist?”

I’m not sure I could ever get back into it because the way I enjoyed it really revolved around obsessively working on decks, playing for hours on end online, having intimate knowledge of the cardpool, popular playstyles, a deckbuild I was working on etc, and it was really an escape valve for when I felt creatively and academically… empty? Just don’t have the time or desire for that anymore, but wow, what a wonderful game!

Has anyone on here played the pen and paper rpg Eclipse Phase? I got a lot of the books for it once because the universe really piqued my sci-fi interests and I’ve always wanted to do a d&d style game, but have never had anyone to do that stuff with. Love pouring through those books, maybe one day I will find ppl to play w/…


The Warhammer 40K :face_vomiting: LCG Conquest has similarly been kept alive by fans despite a licensing dissolution between FFG and Games Workshop. Games Workshop is one of the most litigious companies in tabletop gaming and no action has been taken to my knowledge. C&Ding diehard fans is usually not a good look.


Not much of a table top gamer but I’ve played a lot of Cosmic Encounter in the past as my friend had a weekly game going for a while. Im surprised it hasn’t been mentioned more here. The unbalanced/political nature @scotttburton mentioned is incredibly interesting. It’s fascinating to study other people’s choices/intellect; I often found myself acting as an agent of chaos just to see what would happen amongst the other players (i.e. definitely wasn’t good enough to try and win every time :smile: ).


I don’t actually know, sorry, beyond that it roughly translates to “second generation.” In the Netrunner lore, the Niseis are are a group of vat-grown clones who develop psychic powers for some reason? One of them is also a detective? :man_shrugging:t2:


The one time in Cosmic I beat everyone outright was as the Tick-Tock race, which wins automatically if the game goes through 10 turns. It was a 6 player game that got really heated, and I was completely quiet the whole time. I never called attention to anything I did, which I don’t normally do and no one noticed. Then two turns before my 10th turn, people started to realize what was happening, and no one could stop my glorious victory!


but when does the lines community D&D group meet :grin:


Anyone in the Philly area who wants to play DnD PM me


I’m in as long as I can play a dragon…:dragon:

[also: if such a community develops, it might be very cool to explore creative/musical aspects of such a campaign, or even to base a future LCRP around this concept.

These types of releases already exist; for example:

(disclaimer: I’m not crazy about the musical results on this one, a bit too many vaporwave elements as opposed to the dungeon synth style one would expect, although I like some other releases on this label. but the point is, they did it and it can inspire others, hopefully…)

Main challenge: how to transition from the default notion of simply providing a soundtrack to a Secondary World, to fully embodying the presence of one’s character in the act of creation within this world, including any (computational) technologies which might alter the basic interface between performer and instrument.

Of course, this challenge/notion isn’t really separate from actual soundtrack composition; some of the best film composers: Bernard Herrmann, Bebe and Louis Barron etc. already embedded this kind of thinking in their scores, instructions to musicians, and in the case of the Barrons, actual synthesis technologies.

Perhaps the current musica ignotum LCRP is a good exercise in extending the idea of music creation beyond the human, but it would also be nice to develop this idea out of more specific content, especially as other communities are already doing so.

also might be interesting to revisit John Zorn’s game pieces…]


My modular system is named Ghost Runner—yes, after the Netrunner card. No kidding.

I got really hooked when playing a stealth Kit deck at the start of Flashpoint. Kit as this little fragile person (personhood is a contested ontology in the Netrunner universe) slicing through layers of corporate InfoSec to reveal a plan to obliterate and redevelop Oaktown for profit…

Ghost Runner seemed like the most “synth” of the cards in the deck so I just kept it.



Stealth Kit was what got me obsessed! Ghost Runner, Cloak, Lockpick, Net Mercur, Refractor, Kit :slight_smile:

Also, I love that your synth is named…


I’m pre-Net Mercur, that card is dumb.

(But necessary, corporation power levels are out of control. I have a fantastic Paragon Smoke deck to share that captures the spirit of stealth Kit but for the modern busted era.)


The big problem isn’t who wants to participate.

It will be deciding who chooses the theme music.

Or better yet, performs it.

Could open the 4th wall by having character abilities like ‘change playlist.’