Boinngg again, born again

I’ve just been watching a vid of an old max msp patch called Boinngg, it was written back in the dark ages of Max 4… 5. I’ve tried to get the code, available on Git, to run on 7.1 but it’s throwing all sorts of exceptions that are beyond my coding skills to safely fix. I’ve put all the patches in their own folder and filled in the js stuff but it seems like it’s still not gonna play ball. Does anyone have any tips for hands on sequencers with similar bouncing type functionality? I’m happy to purchase/donate to existing ones or do some building to re-make this but looking at the code from the original, a lot of work and knowhow went into that.

If you’re talking about this, I just tried it and it works perfectly.

Do you have serialosc 1.4 installed?

Hey Jasonw22

Hmm, this suggests I’ve goosed something here. I just installed Serialosc, though I thought I had that already. Behaviour is similar, I’m getting an exception when I press the buttons ( js: error calling function fnButton [jr.mnm.boiingg.js] - this js script is in the folder with the maxpat and looks to be complete and correct ) and no bounce to the ounce.
I’d kind of given up and started outlining a way to cobble something similar together another way but perhaps I’ll go back into debug mode if it’s working fine for you.



Good luck! If you continue to have issues you might tell us more about your environment (operating system, Max version, etc)

Still no joy and I’m convinced it’s my fault - everything looks fine, no bounce themed fun though.
I’m on a 2012 mbp w OSX 10.11.2. Running Max 7.1, SerialOSC 1.4, no other sequencers or Daws running.
To make the package run I grabbed all the files and dropped them into a suitably named folder within the folder I use for all my Max bits. Running it the first time I got exceptions asking for the JS files, which were in the same folder but I guess the path was different. I opened the JS file from the patcher and pasted the contents of the appropriate JS script in and hit save, this saves the patch to where it was already saved so I just let it do that; seems to have reconnected the patch and it’s 'scripts.
It’s locking to external midi sync happily and I can toggle most of the options but when I press a button on the virtual Monome it throws the exception I listed above. I think I chased it down to one of the button states being undefined or something? I’m loath to edit the script as I’m more likely to add problems than fix them - it all points to a config issue at my end… but I’ve not a clue where to start fiddling and I don’t want to break the rest of my Max gubbins just to get this to play nicely.

Any debugging tips are most welcome, don’t be afraid to state to obvious, with config stuff it’s almost always something staring you in the face.

And thanks, btw, I’d given up on this but I’m gonna keep at it, at worst I’ll learn a bit about how packages are arranged, at best I get some blinky light type music fun.

I just cloned the collected repository, and opened boinngg from there, no editing or moving of anything at all and it started right up with no errors and behaved as expected. I’m using
OS X 10.11.3, Max 7.1, SerialOSC 1.4

It’s possible you may have old versions of serialosc.maxpat in your Max path?

Maybe someone with more monome grid/Max debugging experience than myself will chime in…

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Grabbing the whole lot seemed a little greedy but, on your advice, I’ve grabbed a clone of the whole lot and, as you suggested, it works straight out of the box. God only knows what I did to goose it before but I’m in a blinky world of polyrhythms now.

Massive thanks for taking the time to point me in this direction Jasonw22, you are very kind!

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Link, above, is broken.

I really miss boing.

Anyone aware of a new good link for a file that works in MAX7?