Booking a show in SF

Hey y’all. I’m gonna be back in SF for a bit at the end of May and I’m looking to book a

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I might be able to help. What days are you gonna be in the area?

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Lol computers. I didn’t mean to post that yet, or even realize that I did.

Anyways, the dates I’m looking at are May 22-24 or 29-30.

Oakland instead of SF could also work.

Sound-wise, mellow droney guitar stuff. Similar to this:


Please post an update in this thread if you end up playing, would love to check it out!

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Here is the update!

Show is on the 29th at the honey hive in SF. 6-30 - 10. Hope to see y’all there

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Yes! Thanks for your help with booking! Really looking forward to it!

Cool, will try to attend!

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Looks like I’ll be able to make it tonight. Looking forward to it!
If any of you are there - come say hi to the guy with the pointy white beard!

Awesome!! Should be fun