Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?


How are you liking Prophet? I’ve still been meaning to pickup on reading Lazarus again, but my comic intake has largely been supplemented by watching ComicsExplained on youtube to keep up with modern story arcs.

Finished reading Ancillary Mercy, loved it as much as the first two, was disappointed to finish it with no continuation of the universe, though. Also finished Three Body Problem, and I’m looking forward to its sequel. I think I’m starting to run out of science fiction series, if anyone has any recommendations for series with numerous books and excellent writing to satiate me, I’m listening!


I’m loving Prophet. Reading volume 3 now. After the first volume I assumed it was going to be fairly plotless as it proceeded, a kind of glorious atmospheric Moebius tribute disguised as a work-for-hire reboot (or maybe vice versa), but the storytelling gets more complex in volume 2.


I know you weren’t asking me, but - I picked up Prophet based on this thread. Man, that’s a tough one to get into. I’m half way into the first volume. He just mated with the giant talking vagina headed alien. Then I took a bit of a break.

I will return, because I trust you all. But wow…really pushing the boundries there :wink:


I’m really a huge fan of Brandon Graham - and the love he has for where he has come from, in terms of influences/style/colour choice/genre, shines through the work of Prophet. You can feel Rob Liefeld’s simplistic brutality overlaid on Moebius’ glorious pan-universal punk utopias. There are the best bits of space opera, 90s macho scifi flicks and knock off manga series all crammed in together.
My favourite part is when they go to meet Suprema - who in the old Image series was simply a Super Girl knock off. The way he reinvents the hacky, largely forgettable characters into integral parts of the Prophet mythos is absolutely wonderful. I dropped off around the end of Volume 3, but I’m going to order the next volumes soon and reread them all again.


I’m glad you have that faith, it is worth it.


I have zero familiarity with the original Prophet series. I guess maybe I should go back and read it? I was never a fan of Liefeld’s art during the early breakout period he was experiencing, all the overly muscular stuff. I imagine I’m missing enormous amounts of the connections back to the original story. It’s a bit like how I read Copra before I ever read any Suicide Squad. Pretty much everything I know about Suicide Squad comes from a few episodes of Arrow, and half of the movie (after which I turned it off). I’ve been reading a bit of the original Suicide Squad, just to have a sense of what the source/origin/impetus.


It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure, but if you can get into its galactic pace and settings, then it’s very rewarding.


After reading Prophet, I delved back into the history of Prophet and Supreme - it was trash, there is no point mincing words about it. There was nothing redeemable until Alan Moore/Erik Larsen went completely insane with the Supreme series, and even then, it wasn’t that great. I don’t recommend it, because as far as Prophet is concerned, the characters survive in name/reference only. There was a series that serves a little bit of a prequel to the new Prophet series, called Glory, which is excellent and deals with a bunch of ‘female characters in comics’ tropes with style. Glory was a Wonder Woman knock off, and gets a full revitalization in the modern series.

I really can’t gel with like 75% of DC’s output, the whole grimdark explosion of the 90s turned into a regurgitated mess of constant reboots and awful films…I just don’t get it. I had heard that the Suicide Squad movie was a mess, so I didn’t even bother - but all of the DC movies have been really questionable productions, that make me wonder about the arrested development of everyone involved. That said, I love Flash, Aquaman and some of the Superman stuff.


I can relate to everything you just wrote.


I never read the original Prophet, but I also love the Brandon Graham era, and his work in general - Multiple Warheads, Island, etc.

And speaking of Supreme - I never got into it really… but, Warren Ellis’s reboot as Supreme: Blue Rose was phenomenal. So so good.

Ellis is on a roll right now IMO. Injection, Wild Storm, Trees. All fantastic.


Yeah, I read everything Ellis writes. I got to see him speak when he came through town late last year on tour to support his novel Normal.


Nice. His email newsletter is also one of my favourites.

Transmetropolitan was one of the first series I read as an adult that got me back into comics.


I read the first couple of issues of Blue Rose, it seemed like it was going to get good. I’ll pick it up when I get the next lot of Prophet.

Also got my start reading Transmetropolitan, I was visiting a friend and she had this massive comic collection - I had nothing else to do for a week, so I read Transmet, Preacher, Red Son and Watchmen.


I’ve gone deep down the rabbit hole. I have a massive pull file at my local shop and read a lot of monthly comics.

I read anything by Ellis, Jeff Lemire, Rick Remender, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Sarah Vaughn. And a lot from Brian K Vaughan and Brian Wood, but not everything.


this this this. especially today. especially now.


It was an excellent read.


I just saw that he wrote a run (two volumes worth?) of Moon Knight. Have you read it? Was going to check the library this afternoon. I was a fan of Lemire’s indy stuff, didn’t know he was working on Marvel stuff now. Moon Knight has always been a character that befuddled me. I think it could be a good book though.


It’s still going and is excellent. Really focused on mental illness as a metaphor. Good series.


I lost interest after Ellis dropped Moon Knight, but I’ll give it another go. I have a Marvel Unlimited subscription, which I love.


IMO, the Lemire Moon Knight is better than Ellis.