Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?

Currently reading “Electronic Music” by Allen Strange.

I’m reading the PDF-version of the book, while waiting for the printed version to be finished and sent out as part of a Kickstarter-project, which goal was to do a re-print of this book.

I started reading it today, and I only finished first chapter so far, from where I want to give two quotes:

There is more to the art of sound than twelve pitches, bowing, blowing, plucking and striking.” (page 2)
… don’t sell the book when you finish it!” (page 5)


Any other Legendary Pink Dots fans out there?
Just got “Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain: The Legendary Pink Dots in the 1980s” in the mail today.


So so so so so so so so so so good!

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Reading Benjamin Myers’ The Offing at the moment. Loved some of his previous novels (The Gallows Pole especially) and at first I was worried it all felt a bit … BBC Radio 4? But as I got about halfway through I realised it’s much better than that. Glad I stuck with it!

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Recently finished Stockhausen On Music, which was quite enjoyable – currently about a third through Roads’ Composing Electronic Music, which has also been great. Looking forward to the print edition Allen Strange’s book!


Am currently reading Don Quixote (the new translation by Edith Grossman) and I am loving it! I knew nothing about it other than it is a classic, so am really entertained by how hilarious it is.

My exposure to literature has been pretty limited (I studied business in college) and curated by my best guesses or current interests. It floors me how well-written the humor is and the fact that it’s 400+ years old. It’s so witty and dead-panned… I love it.

Also wild about the book Is the archetype of fool that Cervantes created in Don Quixote. I can’t stop seeing parallels between DQ and Qanon folks—the resemblance is freakish. (DQ is a lower middle-class man in his 50’s who filled his head with tales of chivalry and knights errant and one day something snapped and he lost his mind. He decided he was called to be a knight errant and is confident in every misunderstanding of the most straightforward situations and people he encounters, usually deciding normal people he meets are villains, who he then attacks and receives beatings from.) So I can’t stop seeing (and laughing at) a type of foolishness I am actually very familiar with.

Have just begun part 3 and am kinda wondering how the book will be 900 pages long since each part has been about 50 pages and it’s 4 parts (?). My guess is commentaries follow the text? We shall see.

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