Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?


After a couple of terrifying experiences I haven’t taken psychedelics in almost 20 years, but I’m kind of curious of how my adult, edging into responsible mind would take them now. The positive experiences I ahd were life changing in many ways. Provided I partake infrequently and don’t just watch a movie, I get the experience on a lower level with marijuana if I just sit in a dark room and let my mind wander or ponder.


Requested it from my library on the basis of this post. Looking forward.

Have you read David Markson’s late novels? (Reader’s Block, This Is Not A Novel, Vanishing Point, The Last Novel) —

They might appeal, being collections of anecdotes which are not explicitly connected but which build upon one another to form a kind of narrative as the books progress.


I haven’t read anything by him but just by looking him up now it seems like the kind of thing I’d be into…Thanks!


One of the things stressed in the book is the whole “set and setting” idea - all of these clinical trials and studies that have shown great success involve very controlled, guided sessions with trained therapists who prepare the patient for the experience, are there with them the whole time, and then through talk therapy in the days following, work with the patient to get them to integrate the experience into their life. The people being studied also wore blindfolds so that the trip was very inward and reflective. I wouldn’t be surprised if in several years medical psilocibin, potentially even LSD, treatments become normal, but only these very professional guided therapy-like sessions.


Just finished A Really Good Day by Ayelet Waldman, while her experiences with microdosing were super interesting I think I enjoyed it more for her insight on the war on drugs. Definitely going to be checking out more of the works cited throughout. Now I’m reading Taipei by Tao Lin and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I haven’t read anything else from him but I have several friends who love his work. I’m getting really distracted by his style of writing though where a sentence builds and builds with more descriptors to the point that I eventually get lost and have to re-read. It’s a really interesting way of writing but not sure if it’s my thing yet.


I read a piece by Tao Lin from … that one website that was kind of like Medium before Medium and I totally know what you mean. The style was fascinating at the same time as it really rubbed me the wrong way. Picked up Taipei in a bookstore and decided from the first few pages that I was not gonna buy it any time soon :joy: