Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?


Very very cool. Love to hear more about it once you’ve had time to dig in.


Wow, just looked on Amazon for the Analogue Video book and it is (only…) $894. Hopefully you found a cheaper copy?


Is this the one epic case in the entire history of the universe where Amazon Canada is cheaper than others? Because I get $40 as the price.

#846 just $24.00 + shipping from Europe @Random @stephenvit


cool, thanks Random and Izzy!


Found this at work and read it. The lion-faced vultures eating the human-faced bulls’ faces is a highlight.


really loving the whole series tbh.

this volume features an interview with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst,

their voices, and those of several of the other contributors, resonated with me in a way that I haven’t experienced before.

I did not expect to be moved in the way I was - reading this felt kind of like a relief, weirdly.

but yes. very highly recommended


_why’s poignant guide is so good!



This was suggested by a friend I bumped into, one evening totally random, at an art event in a city he does not live in.Nice and quick reading



Fiction - Peter Watts - Freeze Frame Revolution & the four related stories - wow - really enjoyed these - and excited for what comes next…….


Are the four related stories separate from the book? I’m reading the book now. Thanks.


they are separate from it but all related directly to the story and characters - there is a reddit thread with spoilers and links to them all - so search afterwards! The fourth you can find with the red letters (but the reddit post has decoded it for you too)


Will do. Thanks very much. I was keeping track of the red letters as I red. Hadn’t known about these others, or the reddit. Thanks. Ha, red-dit. New meaning.


a book i haven’t read in 10 years, Excession by Iain M Banks


Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation
Just…damn. I really want to make it to those places (or what remains of them) someday.

While I’m on a depressing conflict book kick, does anyone know of a reputable book that covers the Congolese wars of the 20th century?


I did a project interviewing Canadian peacekeepers and I have to say the ones that were in the Congo had the most PTSD issues and the most horrific stories… The point of the project was nothing to do with that, it came up between other discussions, but damn, it was intense.


just finished the third book in the trilogy and i’ve gotta say i totally agree. such a rich and weirdly realistic universe; at some points i felt myself getting excited for some of the technology to be discovered in our universe.

now i’m taking a sci-fi detox with This Wheel’s on Fire, a memoir on The Band written by Levon Helm. i recently discovered The Band for myself and watched The Last Waltz for the first time - I was totally blown away by their songbook and fascinated by the cast of characters. maybe the southern reach series is up next?


Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Since finishing the third book I often reflect on how those last chapters really bent my brain in exciting ways… I’m looking forward to other work by him in the future.


Just finished reading Joan Didion’s Play It As It Lays. I was surprised at how similar it felt to Bret Easton Ellis writing (who wrote American Psycho). Then I flipped to the back cover and read a little blurb that said it was his favorite novel for a few decades. It’s clear to me now that he took this book and tried to write 5 more just like it (with a few more idiosyncrasies of course)…and thank God for that. So much goodness.

About to start Redshirts by John Skalzi. It was recommended to me by a friend so I have high hopes for it.


Just finished this:

It is about a homeless transvestite in Brazil. Trigger warning: all of them.