Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?


Sometimes I’ll read one fiction and one non-fiction together, or occasionally switch from whatever I’m reading to something like The Pocket Pema Chodron or Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers that consists of very short bits to read that deserve some time for thought and reward repeat reading.

I’m still only about halfway through Push Turn Move because it’s too big and heavy for conveniently taking with me to the office for lunchtime reading, or for reading in bed. I should probably get back to it since Patch and Tweak should be arriving soon :slight_smile:


Ah, yeah I love collections of short bits to read… I should get more. A couple years ago I started sleeping with my phone NOT in my bedroom, and it really opened my world up to reading. However, I did miss the ability to have just little nuggets of entertaining or thought-provoking material to quickly/casually read while the drowsy crept in before bed, so collections of short writings fill that void (with the added bonus of not getting sucked down an internet wormhole!).


China Mieville‘s Perdido Street Station


Love that book. It was my entry in Mieville’s world(s).




The Spy and the Traitor by Ben Macintyre. Cold war era spy story full of plot twists.


Yeah…i cant quite describe what this is and that is very good, its not a struggle to read-scifi-fantasy and not at all


this, currently:

really enjoying it. super vivid, humorous prose.



I just realised that there’s an English translation of “Nalbinding: Was ist das denn?” and, whilst I can read German, English is much more convenient, and much more lendable, so I got a copy and have been upping my nadelbinding skills ever since! It’s an excellent, concise mixture of historical, theoretical and practical information about this fascinating method of textile construction.


I recently finished “Ambient Media - Japanese Atmospheres of Self”, and it was a lovely read. It gave me a new appreciation for the minimalist movement in Japan, as well as a broader understanding of modern Japan and how it came to be what it is today. Reading about art and artists that defy narrative structure made me feel a bit more confident in my own more abstract compositions, so I’d strongly recommend it if you’re into that sort of thing.

Next on the docket is Ocean of Sound, as well as Patch & Tweak, which just arrived today. :slight_smile:


Just about 60 pages in and loving every page. Kind of like a modern day Jesus’ Son


Just finished reading Margaret Atwood’s Oryx & Crake. Wow. An amazing take on the intersection of genome/splicing ideas and consumerist culture and their potential for dystopian futures. Working alongside/for a lot of geneticists and bioinformaticians this gets to me in a particular way.


Probably the most disturbing book I’ve ever read, get the shivers thinking about it


It felt weirdly dated to me. Not to say poorly written or lacking emotional affect, but the zeitgeist of clean eating and fear of chemicals we’re in now did something to the way I read it.


Read this quickly and loved it. Seems like one to re-read someday. Now, about to start the new Murakami


My wife just came back from a trip to Berlin and brought me this nice book from the current exhibition:


thanks much… I must pick this up, we of a particular generation all have been so influenced by this imagery…


Has anyone read “Mars by 1980:The Story of Electronic Music from Stockhausen to Skrillex” by David Stubbs? It sounds interesting, but the amazon reviews aren’t particularly complimentary.


not that I need more books, but I just preordered:

even in a depth year, one must make exceptions!