Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?


I’m about 1/2 way through and enjoying it but definitely took some patience to get into. Still, I think worth it and wonderful moments and reasons to push through to the end



it’s an interesting book. plagued by a plethora of little racist assertions. i would not say it is well-written either.

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I just finished Jane Austen’s Persuasion, which was really a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed her characterizations and how in tune with the changing feelings of the protagonist as we went along.



Try his Aurora next!



Thanks! Just bought a 2nd hand one on ebay cheap. Looking forward to getting it.

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Currently reading Discipline and Punish by Foucault for one of my classes. It’s a bit long winded at times and I think he could make his point with half the words (buy hey, that’s theory for you). Still overall I find it be a fascinating and engaging read.



Currently reading Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures, and recently purchased copies of Maggie Nelson’s Bluets and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice from my favorite local bookstores.



Karl got me into the wormhole that is the Q&A with Autechre. Someone consolidated it into one big spreadsheet. That week in 2013 was like Christmas every day I reloaded the thread. Nice to re-read.

Otherwise, it’s the new Murakami and the Ars Magica RPG rulebooks for a new game hopefully.



I’ve read a number of books in the 33 1/3 series over the years that I found greatly informative and inspiring. A few standouts include The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, Low, and Swordfishtrombones. Currently in the middle of reading Aphex Twin’s SAW Vol.II by @disquiet and can certainly highly recommend it. Quite the exploration of the cultural, historical, and artistic context of this record.



Just read:

Now, this:



About to dive in…



Even though I’ve got little-to-no spare time in this season of research/paper writing/applications, but I managed to carve out some daily time for non-work related reading; enough to finish Wealth of Nations and Society of the Spectacle over the past month. Currently, I’m making my way through Das Kapital, Simulacra and Simulation, and One Dimensional Man.

The big takeaway that I’ve had from this recent slate is that most people that use Adam Smith as a basis for arguments in favor of the way economic systems are currently constructed do not seem to have bothered to actually read him; that feels doubly true for the ``dark web’’ of pseudo-intellectuals and illiterati squawking about the horrors of post-modern philosophers.




Just came out on U. Chicago press!



I’m a massive Banks fan, would recommend Excession if you are keen on another culture novel. His stand alone sci fi is also pretty great; Against a Dark Background just as a concept is fantastic (a solar system so isolated that no stars are visible from it) and The Algebraist is epic.



Books Read in November

Books Read (Not a Graphic Novel)

  1. Karen Burnham’s Greg Egan, in the Modern Masters of Science Fiction series from the University of Illinois Press

  2. China Miéville’s This Census Taker

  3. The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi

  4. Emma Newman’s Planetfall

Books Read (Graphic Novel)

  1. First 8 chapters of Finality by Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran, published on (the series is on hold, to continue in 2019)
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Excited for both titles. Started the Five Elements title as I work on finishing Mao II by DeLillo. Gregory is a sharp dude and hopefully this is the beginning to more titles produced by Cycling74. I don’t really do much sequencing right now, but hopefully I’ll discover some new things that will eventually be useful. If not, at least I’m supporting their pursuits of publishing.



Mao ll is one I always think to re-read but first want to re-read Libra

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I’ve only read White Noise otherwise, but I’m enjoying Mao II. Definitely plan to dig into more DeLillo in the near future. Scratches a Ballardian itch that I won’t get from him as I think I’ve read almost all of his stuff. I guess I need to sort out which one or two I haven’t and get those sometime too. :slight_smile:



Underworld is the best of all but that’s a mighty undertaking. Ratner’s Star is the only one I couldn’t get through (but will probably try again one day)



Just finished Kim Stanley Robinson’s “New York 2140.”
Surprised by the optimistic tone.