Books! What are you currently reading or just finished?


Just finished
Just finished

I recommend the latter two, still unsure of the first, although it is flowing decently.



Was that a pun?

Also, $125 :dizzy_face:



More light reading done…

I’ve enjoyed this take on “superhero” tales where they’re not heroes at all, but tyrants who have transformed the world, subjugated humanity, and continue to wreck things further in their power struggles. I don’t know if there’ll be more books in this setting but this one wrapped up the arc. There are some wildly creative settings in the series overall, fun technology and bizarre powers in crazy action scenes, and a few goofball characters.

Back to something serious next, probably one of the computer music books from the Humble Bundle :slight_smile:



Yeah, just being silly. I got it used for $20. Work read. Reference books are expensive !



Currently reading two books:

  1. Ocean of Sound - picked it up after seeing it in this thread many times. I’m really enjoying it! It gives me a lot to think about when making music & a lot to listen to with all the references!

  2. The Power Broker - I have lived in New York my whole life, grew up on Long Island and never really knew the history of Robert Moses. Super long book, just starting to make a dent in it, but very interesting.

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I have a terrible habit of reading too many things a once. Currently:

CivlWarLand in Bad Decline by George Saunders (speaks directly to my sense of humor, one of the funniest things I’ve read in recent memory)

The Quiet American by Graham Greene (fantastic as expected, feels strikingly current in terms of language and tone)

Ubik by Philip K Dick (rereading this after quite a long time, another example of material that connects to me very directly on a humor level and feels distinctly modern)

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I’m sure this has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, but I’ve finally got round to reading This Is Memorial Device.

I’m happy to report it is as good, if not better, than you might expect. Required reading for anyone who has been part/aspired to being part of a small town music scene. Also dreadfully funny / sad at the same time.



I keep hoping for news of Keenan’s new book getting distro in the US, but I also keep thinking “It’d probably arrive from England by the time it does and I should just order it overseas…”

Definitely really enjoyed This is Memorial Device. It’s crazy to think about his career arc, or at least how I’ve understood it. Thankful for the new phase though :slight_smile:



Maybe a teeny bit off topic (as I haven’t actually got it yet) but this is a book I’ve just ordered and am very much looking forward to reading. Includes the following contributors - quite a list!
Félicia Atkinson, François Bayle, François J. Bonnet, Drew Daniel, Brunhild Ferrari, Beatriz Ferreyra, Stephen O’Malley, Jim O’Rourke, Eliane Radigue, Régis Renouard Larivière, Espen Sommer Eide, Daniel Teruggi, Chris Watson



Currently reading, super depressing




Minneapolis local hero Marlon James’ new book just came out, so excited to start it:

& it got optioned for a film by WB / Michael B Jordan!

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Just read this little jewel:

And am starting this:

Which should be amazing, and I can’t believe I just found out about this book!

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Just finished the first book in Terry Brooks’ Shannara series! Thought it was quite blatantly inspired by LOTR, particularly Fellowship, but still quite enjoyable. Apparently the next book is one of the best in the series and does away entirely with the Tolkien-isms so I’m very excited to venture further in the series.

Although just today I started reading Stephen King’s It, which should occupy my reading time for quite awhile



just finished this, and loved it.



Just finished:



[in a weird moment of synchronicity — I ended up getting invited to dinner with Rick Doblin, the man leading the crusade to legalize the medical us of MDMA, 1 day after starting the book]

Also, this:



:smiley: that’s fantastic! I bet he’s a great guy in person too



He was! Super focused on his life’s work but incredibly compassionate.

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Currently reading:

Recently found one and I am so excited about it:



my favorite book rereading for the umpteenth time. has all the well known william carlos williams poems embedded in it but underappreciated modernist classic as a whole. really informs what im trying to achieve with my art & music. highly recommend for spring reading :slight_smile:

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That Darboven book looks interesting!