Borderlands Granular

Hi all! I have some happy news - Borderlands Granular version 2.1 is now available. This is a free update for all existing users. ⁣

Have a look at the teaser video here:

Borderlands Granular Version 2.1 from Chris Carlson on Vimeo.

This is a “point” release in name only. It is packed with new features, bug fixes, and improvements. The full change log is available over at, but here are some of the highlights.⁣

-Tempo synced grains with Ableton Link - separate controls for beat division, beat multiplier, and beat phase. ⁣

-Semitone pitch tuning option per cloud⁣

-New waterfall-style streaming input mode⁣

-Overdub level control for sound on sound when recording⁣

-ADSR mode with automatable trigger pad for each grain cloud⁣

-Automate sound position, size, and rotation⁣

-New ring modulation, vibrato amount, and probability controls per cloud. ⁣

-Proper scaling on all models of iPad.⁣

-Artist scene contributions from Cristian Vogel, Electric Indigo, King Britt, Mikronesia, and Tom Hall with more to come.⁣

Here are two demos that showcase the new functionality in the context of building up a composition from scratch.

Borderlands Granular 2.1 - Waterfall In / Overdub, Automated Sounds, Semitone Pitch, ADSR from Chris Carlson on Vimeo.

Borderlands Granular 2.1 - Tempo Sync, Trigger Probability, Solo Function from Chris Carlson on Vimeo.

To celebrate the launch, Jakob Haq made a beautiful “Docutorial” video to guide you through the new features. Have a look here:

Thank you for supporting the app! It’s been a long process, and I’m thrilled to finally send this update out into the world. Hope you enjoy it!


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How’s the file management working out? How easy is to enter an audio sample? It used to be difficult.

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Amazing. Congrats! Even without the update, one of the best.


Any chance of an iPhone port?

That would be great!

You can read there that it’s planned. Plus AU…and MIDI…

What’s the courteous wait time after an awesome update to start demanding the next one? A couple of days? :wink:


Please don’t mistake my question for ingratitude!

This is thrilling news indeed!


Depends which forum you frequent!


I think we have all found each other for a reason :wink:

this is massive and unexpected news! borderlands it’s probably my favourite app alongside Idensity / Strya etc :slight_smile:

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it’s very easy if you use audioshare, which i highly recommend. not sure otherwise?

can’t believe how much more functionality you have added to an already amazing instrument. thanks so much for this, can’t wait to use it.


Out of curiosity, I just tried looking up Strya and am not seeing anything online or in the App Store… what is this?

Oh maaaa… what an amazing thing! This is my most used app on the Ipad along with AUM and audioshare.

Such great news!! This has always remained one of my favourite music apps on the iPad

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Noooo not at all. It was more in line with @brasslens comment :wink:

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Sorry for bad spelling, i really like the apps from this maker:


Ooooooo! This looks awesome! Thanks! And totally not your fault on the spelling. It’s super weird that the App Store has such bad search analytics that when I got nothing from your previous spelling, the App Store suggested Instagram… :roll_eyes:

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Thanks @modulationindex This is great news - such a unique app!