Boston/Camberville Events


Hello residents of the greater metro Boston area! After coming across event threads for NYC and Chicago, I figured we could use one as well :slight_smile:

Let’s use this space to share cool happenings, or maybe even coordinate hangs, jam sessions, etc.

To start, I’ll mention that Non-Event routinely puts on terrific new music/experimental shows. The Jakob Ullmann/André Cormier performances last night were terrific. This Friday, they’re putting on a Lonnie Holley + Bill Orcutt show in Cambridge I may check out.

What are you interested in checking out?


hey if you go to the Orcutt show tell him shreeswifty says hello and he misses the “SpewThe Stream”

'back in the 90s we were on the same label [He = Harry Pussy] me = [Meringue/Weinix/Kitty] on Cherry Smash Records

We did this insane project where he was in california and me in florida and we were sending ogg streams to pure data back and forth and adding effects in real time and sending them back and forths “Spewing the Streams”

good times


Yay! Boston lines people!

Are there, like … more than three of us?


That’s amazing! Do remnants of that project live anywhere?


We were both using pure data on linux and Yves Dogoyan wrote mp3cast~ which i think still may work but i am not sure and bill had just ported the famous Sakonda Granular2.0 max patch to pd via motex and cyclone and i was helping him bug test it when i mentioned the mp3 [icesaster] so we would start spewing stuff and modify it in pd and spew it back. i have an mp3 of it somehwere but it’s noise as hell

I had one other fun HP/Meringue story – in 96/97 Tom from To Live & Shave in LA set up this improvisors festival in Atlanta at this weird Club “Sallys” i think and we were all opening for Silver Apples and we were sharing stories and Adris remembered me telling them previously how my first “psychedelic” experience was with MTV in Stereo and the Godley and Creme Police “wrapped around your finger” video

So in front of all these terribly hip improvisors Adris blurts out “Hey Pat tell everyone how you like to take acid and listen to the Police”

insane laughter


Another Boston area one here


not a local, but if anyone is interested, @sellanraa and i are playing at blue bag records in cambridge on july 11 w/ retribution body…

retribution body




Well, I put it in my calendar! … I admit I’m surprised there’s been a record store near Davis this whole time and I never found it.


Just opened last year, I think? Nice little spot. What I miss the most, though, is Weirdo Records on Mass Ave near Central. What a loss… :frowning:


There’s this record store near Allston’s Union Square that I went to last weekend. The owner said he knew the owner of Weirdo and seemed to suggest that she’d be back soon? Definitely just gossip at this point, but that would be cool.


Another Boston person…


Worcester, but like, commuter rail buddies?


Moving to Worcester in a month or so, looking forward to meeting folks!


I went to Clark and have some old roommates and good buds still living in Worcester. A few from the early 2010’s Firehouse and Flywheel scenes. I miss almost everything about central Massachusetts.


rhode island here, but i’ll try and post any interesting/synth-related events going on in providence for any who might be interested!


Oh, neat! Yeah, I met Angela a few times, and I know she’s been active in other ways (I think she was running a weekly comedy/experimental music showcase at a bowling alley?!), but it would be great to have her back in the record store business - her curatorial chops are out of this world.


Hooray, glad to see a Boston events thread! There were a number of synthy things happening at Somerville Porchfest last month that I would have posted here about if I wasn’t terrible at promo.

Boston Hassle has been putting on modular/electronic shows around town for a while. Next one that I know about is Carla dal Forno, Erika Nesse, and sundog this Saturday, 6/9/18 in Cambridge:

There’s also Boston Modular monthly meetup for synth/noise/gadget stuff (not exclusively modular) in Watertown (that I keep missing.) Last one was this past weekend, future events are generally tracked on Meetup and Facebook.


There’s also a New England Synthesizer Community on FB


Just relocated from Brooklyn to Rhode Island. I’d definitely be interested in any events that might go on.


This Christopher Janney performance on Friday looks pretty interesting. (“Explorations in physical music”, “A fusion of architecture and jazz”)