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Bostonian here! I’d be interesting in synth events / meetups / shows.
Right now I play in a few live improv groups (Fable Grazer, Leap of Faith Orchestra, and Metal Chaos Ensemble) and I’ve played a solo set in the Ad Hoc music series at Outpost 186.

If anyone is interested in any of these groups DM me, we’re always open to new members (electronic musicians or otherwise!).


Another Boston person here. Unfortunately not for much longer as I’ll be moving to Santa Cruz in August.

I just graduated from Berklee and my last 2 semesters I organized some “modular on the spot”-like events for the Electronic Production department. Before I leave town I’ve been wanting to put together a more general Boston Modular on the Spot but I’d need some other people involved to keep it going once I’m no longer local (hint hint, nudge nudge)



I’m happy to help with this in a very informal way, as my schedule is over the top…



A friend of mine is playing this event at Midway Cafe in JP:

Friday, June 15
Hardware driven techno sets. Join us at Midway Cafe in JP!
Doors 8:30PM, Show 9:30PM | $8 | +21

Hardy and Hughes (Assistant Director + Dinnersss)
Corporate Acid.

A. Campbell Payne
Orthogonal listening/dancing music.


This thread appeared just when I was getting around to start the process of booking my experimental quartet in the Boston area. I have reached out to Non-Event, still waiting to hear back. Any other booking leads from the good people of the greater Boston area would be enthusiastically welcome! Thanks all!


Mary Ocher and VQnC at the Lilypad tomorrow night, plus cskonopka on LZX visuals and Dinnersss on beats.


Would definitely be down to help organize a Boston MotS event! And maybe play; we’ve been playing outdoors more (Porchfest, VT woods) with a lunchbox + gadgets, a fun shift from my already-small but precious isms-based setup.

Speaking of gig planning, we (Hybrid Decliners) are also trying to put together a couple more indoor shows before my band partner leaves town at the end of the summer. If anyone wants to have us play or would want to join a hardware/improv/weird-techno bill if we end up putting one together, drop me a line.

I second this recommendation for tonight! Dinnersss and Campbell are both awesome. Please go see them because I can’t make it.


The regular modular meetup is happening in Watertown today, in, uh, half an hour, sorry. I might head over there if I can tear myself away from the norns long enough to pack it up for travel.


Wednesday, July 11th at Blue Bag Records in Cambridge :slight_smile:


Hey local gang! Would anybody be interested in meeting up for a beer/coffee sometime this week or next weekend? Could be nice to get a little group together and chat sound !

If you’re interested, just add a like to this post and I’ll get a group message going.


Over the long term yes, please keep me on the list, one of these days the schedule will open up a little!


Live in Salem, work in Cambridge, and grew up in what folks now call “Camberville”.

I’ve been wondering why there doesn’t seem to be much of a ‘scene’ in this area (as opposed to what I’ve seen in other cites). Or, at least, no scene easily found (by me).

Count me in…


Headed to this talk in Central Square tonight:

July Boston Tech Poetics

Presenting talks from:
Ben Houge
Ben Houge is an internationally active American artist operating at the nexus of music composition, gastronomy, video games, performance, sound installation, and digital art. In addition to his art practice, he has been working in the game industry since 1996, and teaches music technology in the Electronic Production and Design department at Berklee College of Music. During this talk, Ben will share the results of a recent ‘food opera’ involving sensors integrated into plates and music scored to a meal.

Andrew Blanton
Andrew Blanton is Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of the CADRE Media Labs at San Jose State University and Visiting Researcher at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of California Berkeley. His work has been performed and presented around the world in venues such as Google Cultural Lab in Paris, The University of Brasilia, The City University of Hong Kong, STEIM Amsterdam, and the Dallas Museum of Contemporary Art among many others. His current work focuses on the emergent potential between cross-disciplinary arts and technology in the context of New Media Art, building sound and visual environments through software development. Andrew has advanced expertise in percussion, creative software development, and developing projects in the confluence of art and science.


you’re telling us about it a half hour before it starts?? :joy:


Yeah sorry! Just occurred to me to post here as I headed out the door. The talks don’t start til 7:30 so you have a whole hour :stuck_out_tongue:

The Tech Poetics events are great and I’ll give more advance notice in the future.


Sounds great! Can’t make it tonight, but will look out for future talks.


I’ll be playing with Leap of Faith Orchestra at MIT Saturday evening. This will be my first time performing a scored piece with the full orchestra, I’m really excited to be a part of it!!/events/577672445935692?tsid=0.961345135863833&source=result

This is a recording of the last piece with the full orchestra:


Monday, a rare concert from Chris Korda at ONCE Ballroom showing off his polymeter software, which is sort of in the same conceptual space as Kria:

Chris Korda has had a fascinating artistic arc after founding the Church of Euthanasia in the 90s, which staged a bunch of environmentalist interventions/performance art happenings around Boston.


Hey all! My quartet Figure From Ground will be playing the Hearing room in Lowell, MA, on November 23rd and the Midway Cafe in Boston (Jamaica Plain) on the 24th!!! Both shows will be with @xeric and an improv collective he plays with called Fable Grazer!

This is the weekend immediately after Thanksgiving, and it is going to be a little wild. If you are in town stop by and please introduce yourself, I will be the friendly 6’4" bearded guy with the 'fro and the modular synth :slight_smile:


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