Boston/Camberville Events


-4°F this morning in NNY! Just about to load up and head to our first show of two in this neck of the woods.

See above for details.

Hearing Room show starts at 8pm tonight, Midway Cafe show starts at 4pm tomorrow. Enjoy!


Excited to see you guys again! This is gonna be a fun weekend :slight_smile:


Our matinee performance is today at 4pm @ Midway Cafe in JP!/events/714205608944467


Great shows and so nice to hang out again! Can’t wait for our next gig together!


Two shows in Boston/Somerville. I’m playing the first one, and booked the 2nd:

12/7 - Moon Villain: Proxemia ~ Jada Yvette ~ Amobriax ~ Christoff and Sannicandro (Montreal)
@proxemia is playing in quad. Christoff and Sannicandro are an electro-acoustic duo on tour. Yvette is a sitarist! I’m playing my only solo set this year, exploring some high-tech prairie ambient concepts. Video by @cskonopka

12/8 - Also would highly recommend checking out RRLEW at Castledrone this Saturday 12/10:

12/9 - and my bandmate @Blastoholic is djing with a 4track at some point on Sunday during the Hassle’s Black Market Flea.

12/14 - Washington Street Art, Somerville; Pod Blotz and Craow and Isolde Touch and Bastian Void
Pod Blotz on tour from LA, Craow from Providence is joining her. Isolde Touch (Asha Sheshadri) with video by Adam Morosky (Timeghost), Bastian Void from Worcester runs Moss Archive. Modern electronics, Multimedia, good friends.

If anyone ever has shows in Boston/Providence/Worcester/Portland/etc they’d like shared please feel free to send details to


Electroacoustic music and musical robots tomorrow in Worcester:


I was confused for a second because Boston’s main experimental music series bears the name…Non-Event :slight_smile:


I’ll performing with Metal Chaos Ensemble in our first live stream of our recording session Saturday @ 5pm (from Waltham, MA)

Link to the stream won’t be available until tomorrow, but you can subscribe to this channel to get notified when we go live:

This will be a 70 minute improvised piece, with woodwinds, trumpet, drums, guitars, synths, and a whole living room full of gongs, wood blocks, and other percussion instruments.

Check out our previous sessions on BandCamp as well:


Good to see this thread exists. My wife is interviewing for hospital residencies next year, and Boston is one of her top picks.


Boston is far from perfect… but it’s an excellent imperfect!

There are so many smart people, cool things to do, great food, etc…

Assuming one can handle the weather (cold and sludge in the winter), there is more to do than any working person can get to…


Yeah, just a cursory glance at housing prices is making my eyes water. The good news is that I grew up near Lake Erie, so I’m quite used to awful blizzards and cold. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of the weather problems in my current location (Houston, where we are expecting floods tonight).


Don’t worry, Boston floods too!


Woohoo! Any recommendations on neighborhoods to look at? My wife would be working at Boston Children’s if she matches there.


Somerville to the north and Jamaica Plain to the south are some of cooler neighborhoods IMO. Lots of cool music in Allston too, but it’s almost all students over there, so it can be a weird place to live past 24 :slight_smile:


If commuting is possible, I really love the north shore towns like Beverly and Salem


I’ve got this techno gig coming up on March 1st: or if you want to sign up for our mailing list

I’m also EFX, playing stress techno


A little far afield, but we’ll be holding an Algorave in Worcester in a couple of weeks. Excited that the Algobabez are coming straight from performing at SXSW to headline the show. I’ve also started a live coding TOPLAP node for New England for anyone who is interested: hopefully we’ll be running some events in Boston soon… let me know you’re interested in participating or have a line on venues that might be appropriate.


Planning on going to this.

Are you local to Worcester?


Nice, it would be great to see some llllllll folks there! Please say hi :slight_smile: Yes, I just moved to Worcester this past August to teach at WPI. Are you here as well?


I definitely want to go to this, it looks like it will be an amazing lineup.