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Hey Boston/Camberville hivemind!

I have a technical question: if I wanted to get 5-6 jacks re-touched/re-soldered on my Cocoquantus, is there anyone locally who’d be able to fix it up (for pay, of course)? I’m pretty sure the job is simple enough, but my soldering ineptitude has already made one jack worse, so I’m holding off until I can find someone with skills.


Two places come to mind: Harvard Square’s Audio Lab is pretty good. They weren’t able to repair a mixer I brought in (I suspect because it was SMD and all-in-one-board), but they did wonders on all the intermittent connections the (oldish) amplifier for my record player had. I’ve been meaning to bring in my record player there too.

Otherwise, somebody at the Artist’s Asylum on the Wednesday nights might be willing to at least talk you through your own repair if not do it for you for pay.

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Anyone in the Boston area interested in using some of my gear and talking about it? I’ve got a Buchla 200e system 7 on the way, a Music Easel with a 208 Toolbox and the new Synthi card, a bunch of Ciat-Lonbarde, a Macbeth Elements, Folktek Resonant Garden, Lyra - 8, a humongous eurorack setup, and a ton of other interesting and esoteric gear (including an Eventide H9000, for example) . It’s huge fun for me but I feel like it would be fun to share it, rather than it being the solitary pursuit it’s been for me so far. Let me know if you’re interested. I think it would be tremendous fun.


Oh gosh, what an offer/idea @Rhialto! I’d love to try a Buchla easel some day :slight_smile: (currently based in Somerville)


I’ve got the Easel, and a bunch of the Portabellaz expansion cards including the brand new Synthi card - haven’t even had time to use that myself. I’d be happy to set up some time for you to come play with it. PM me and we can pick a time.

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Wow, sure! Sounds awesome…

I’m definitely hoping to meet with


Great, PM me and we can pick a time.


The silver lining to the unfortunate Massive Attack tour postponement is that I’m now free to check out the Worcester algorave tonight. Anyone looking to carpool? Thinking of leaving from downtown Boston around 7, have a couple seats in the car.

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Hi Boston people! I’m likely traveling to Boston some time in the next few weeks for work. The timeframe is up to me and I was curious if there are any good shows/events I might be able to make my trip line up with…


You might check out Moon Villain in Chinatown, it’s a great place for experimental music. Looks like their next show is 4/27 –

Also, Non-Event puts on excellent shows in different places around the city –

And Boston Hassle covers a lot of local music & other events.


I’m involved in a couple events coming up.

Leap of Faith Orchestra is performing a scored improvised work by David Peck on 4/27 at Longy School of Music:!/events/614497095668494
I believe I’m the only synth player involved (there will be over 20 musicians) but if you’re a fan of New Music it’ll be a wild event.

Somerville Porchfest is May 11th, which is a really cool event on its own and probably has tons of great musicians involved, but I’ll be playing both a solo set and with my band Vilicon Sally around 430pm in East Somerville:

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Highly recommend Cake Factory, a live techno dance night concert series in the Boston area.

next show is Fri April 26th in Dorchester

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Just in case anyone is interested, I’ll be heading to Artistan’s Asylum in Somerville tomorrow evening for the drop-in Circuit Hacking night. I aim to fix my beloved but semi-functional Cocoquantus…with ZERO skills! Should be fun. If you’re new to soldering, they have little simple kits you can buy as a first project and the folks there are super helpful.


This looks fun! I’ve been wanting to get an intro to soldering and simple building, maybe some summer evening… thanks for the tip!

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There’s a June electronic / ambient show happening in Cambridge. I’ll be playing at this one too, along with Bastian Void and Patrick Gregg (Pittsburgh PA)!


Awesome, my office is right near there so I should be able to come by after work. Do you guys have a Facebook event? That’s how I’ll most likely remember to come :sweat_smile:

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Oh Awesome! Didn’t have a Facebook when I posted but got around to setting one up:

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Anyone interested in playing or attending a Boston-area Drone Day event on 5/25? Have a couple of ideas on venues.


oooooh, yes, I’m in!


I’d definitely love to attend.