@loma, this sounds awesome! I hope the show went well :smile:

This morning I played around with adding HID support to bounds. Still some things to figure out, but it is a lot of fun to play with!


@Justmat Thanks so much! I’m really enjoying your scripts. And I think the show went well. The organizer of this regular Monday night experimental music series always live streams it, so I’ll share some video eventually (the audio is captured by an external microphone, so it’s not straight cellphone audio, but it’s still a little cruddy), or even better, the audio that a friendly fellow recorded from the board.

EDIT: Here’s the video. (I’m just checking my emails.)

Would love the ability to play with a game controller as well! Nice addition.


Omg… this is so sick. What’s the plug for the game pad? Usb?


It looks like this one, but I don’t remember paying that much for it. ¯\(ツ)

edit: much better price :slight_smile:

Hello! Non-programmer and fairly recently Norns owner here. Hoping to use it as a stand alone instrument along with interfacing with my eurorack setup at some point (crows?). Thanks for all of your work @Justmat!

I’ve really been enjoying using Bounds with no audio input, and just yesterday ran some audio in for fun. After unplugging my input cables Bounds is no longer generating sounds? I know this is probably user error but can’t figure it out. I’ve reset audio and restarted a couple of times. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

This is confusing to me, because bounds shouldn’t generate sounds… It’s a tape delay/looper. Is there anyway you could have been using Rebound instead of bounds? Bounds and Rebound utilize the same kinetic interface.

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I apparently forgot to mention I’m also not very smart. I definitely conflated the two somehow.

I had a nice time running a Bill Evans track into Bounds this morning, really fun.


I definitely see how it can be confusing :slight_smile: They look exactly the same to the user

Love the track btw! thank you for sharing

Having an inordinate amount of fun running a track that I thought was done into bounds. Turns out it’s not quite done yet :joy:

I’m getting some weird upper registry crackly noises. Has anyone run into that? Sounds a lot like a wave being cut away from the zero crossing. Any tricks to avoiding this? I’m coming line out of my Apogee Duet at +4 db.

Super cool script, Mat!

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Hmmmmmm… Not sure about this, got an audio example?

Hey Mat. See if this link works for you. I’m am 90% sure it’s my setup that’s causing the issue, but wanted to just quickly see if others have run into it.


Here’s a clip of some guitar noodling with Bounds at the end of the chain. Here, the upper frequency stuff sounds more percussive (and is pretty cool!).


The second recording sounds like what happens when you flip tape directions a lot and is pretty hard to avoid. But you can play around with the speed slew parameters to minimize (or maximize :slight_smile: ) the effect.

The first recording sounds like something else… not sure tbh :sweat_smile:

Excellent! Glad to hear it. Now to acquire a proper re-amping setup haha.

I was having some issues with that this weekend too. Sounds kinda like the same thing, sort of a clipping. I couldn’t get rid of it, which was too bad cuz it was sounding real nice except that.

FWIW, it happens to me in a lot of softcut-centric scripts, and I’ll often run a pass of Izotope’s “declick” plug-in, and it works wonders.

Not sure if this is possibly a bug related to the recent Norns update or if its just supposed to happen in this script but whats happening is even though I don’t have a LFO destination set for buffer 1, the script is still randomly changing the speed value from -1 to 1. If I make a change to the value on the params page lets say to -0.20 it will jump to back to positive 0.20 and then cycle to -0.50 to then postive 0.50 and then settle back on -1.0 and positive 1.0.

I dont have any LFOs set in the script. Is this normal behavior?

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Do you have balls bouncing around?

depending on where the balls hit the screen edges, one of several things will happen. the speed could be cut in half, or doubled, the direction of playback could change (maintaining current speed), or the loop could be reset. check out the pdf in the top post under the balls section for more info.

Is this consistent with what you are seeing?

edit: just looked back at the code. for whatever reason, past mat decided to hard code the speeds .5 and 1. It might be time for a bounds update.


Ah well ok good I figured it was something that I was missing as far as understanding how everything interacts. It is nice to know though that the speeds will be able to be at the very least set for positive and negative values upon bouncing balls though. Thanks!

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Did you ever create a fork of this with the HID stuff you showed off in a video? I’d be curious to put this 8bitdo SNES controller to work :wink:

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