Brain(modular)synth performance at Iklectic, London Sat. 28:th April

Some friends of mine are having a mini residency at Iklectik in London this Saturday, 28:th of April. They’re presenting their Brainsynth project with performances and talks.

They’ve developed a cv/midi interface (Brainsynth/eegsynth) between brain and modular synth which is very cool, but their interdisciplinary perspective (neuroscience, music, art etc) and the use of it is pretty amazing imho.

Check links below for more info and hope to see some of you there on Saturday:

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I’ll try to get down if I’m free. I made a short piece based on EEG readings a few years ago so I love to see how other people approach that area.

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A little bump for this event and performance tonight, starting at 7pm. (just saw a rehersal and it was reaaally cool)