Brand new Ansible not working

Hi all,

I recently got my first couple of monome devices (grid + arc). I ordered a second Ansible brand new from Perfect Circuit last week and it just arrived today. After installing the module (ribbon cable is correct, in my case right next to my other Ansible that is working fine), upon powering up my case, all the lights will flash and then TR LED 2 will slowly fade up then back down to nothing. When I power off my case, all of the TR lights flash. I tried connecting my grid and arc, switching which space it was plugged into, and even tried a case with different power altogether. Got nothing… I’m wondering if this is something to do with brand new modules (my other ansible is used), or if it’s just defective. I have already asked Perfect Circuit for a refund but I just wanted to make sure before I send it back that I’m not missing something.


seems like the firmware flash switch might be stuck down? try fiddling with the button next to the usb port and power cycle the device. try pulling the cap up a bit as it might’ve gotten jammed somehow.

if no success email and i will replace it directly

I fiddled… no luck. I will email you! Thanks so much.