a rebound remix


Have you ever looked at the wonderful rebound script and been reminded of a certain videogame? I have.


  • Norns
  • MIDI (optional)


Each block is assigned a note within the limits set in the parameters. When a ball hits a block, that note sounds. After being hit 4 times, blocks are removed. When a ball hits the bottom of the screen the root note sounds.

Added a small video here (the pad is coming from the iPad):

Standard rebound controls remain:
K1 - shift
K2 - add/remove ball
K3 - change active ball
E2 - change angle
E3 - change speed

K1 + K2 = Game Mode! Use E3 to move


Collision detection could do with some improvements. Only the face of bricks is detected, not the sides.



20201214 - Improved note randomness, prevented burst of notes when the blocks reset, added param to control whether the root note sounds when balls hit the top and bottom walls
20201223 - Added game mode
20201231 - Added param to control density/number of blocks. Create pockets for balls to bounce around in.


i love this! super cool

The Arkanoid norns script was almost NECESSARY.

Full circle back to my childhood. Thank you so much.


Thanks for the kind words. I’ve added a link to the original post in case anyone wants to see it running and made a few small code changes but let me know if there’s anything broken or that could be improved.

Cool idea! One of my favorite games! Any plans for Crow and Just Friends?

I’m not familiar with crow or just friends but rebound has some related code that I copied across so it might just work

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Just to bring things full circle I’ve added a game mode.

Here’s a demo of me playing a Moog Werkstatt:


such a cool script @tomw!
and…i’m a retro videogame freak so this is right up my ally.
the primary video game system wired up in my dwelling is an Atari 2600!
so this was my first exploration with it…
running along with @distropolis Pixels and @Justmat Larc:

wondering…are you possibly going to add other versions of the “game”?
heh…so…the actual Breakthrough game/version of Breakout on the Atari cartridge actually breaks through every brick in the path of the ball that it comes into contact with.
might make neat glissando sounds if that were possible.
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Thank you, its great to hear/see it being used.

I’m not sure I understand about breaking every brick in the path. Do you mean that bricks should break after a single hit (like they do in ‘game’ mode) or that instead of bouncing off a brick the ball should go straight through? Maybe a param to set how likely a ball is to continue through bricks rather than bouncing off?


yeah…i think a parameter for breaking through bricks would be great!
that way you could have a bit of control of how far the ball breaks through.
i filmed a quick play of Breakthru:

also just thought of another crazy idea…
what if the paddle (like in the game) could be added to the music playfield and have its movement controlled by an LFO?
maybe left to right could be controlled and maybe even height?
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OK I’ve added a ‘super orb’ param :slight_smile:

I’ll have a think about LFOs and the paddle. Thanks for the suggestions!


i’ll give a spin tonight.

Does this script have MIDI output? I don’t see an option for it in the Preferences.


Edit - nevermind - I found it :slight_smile:


Its been a while since I looked at it but yes! Looks like it will only output on the first midi device so no params

Got it - thanks! I was looking for a separate “MIDI” entry in parameters, but I think it was listed under “CLOCK.”