Brian Crabtree (tehn) in beacon, ny 6/21

6/21 8pm?


beacon, ny

i’ll play a tiny mountain of machines.


ah facebook.

Man I always see these too late

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How was the show? (20 characters)

fun! loud and blurry. loaded isms + aleph + op-1. i was telling @Galapagoose that it’s the first computer-less set i’ve perhaps ever played. every new configuration gives further insights and possible new designs that “need” to exist…


congrats! wish i could have been there to see & hear.

Fantastic. I’d love to have a conversation about your experience and ideas. I’ve been laptopless live since 2010 and although I occasionally miss the convenience of a laptop performance (vs. hauling a lot of gear) I have found that the enjoyment of a hardware setup more than makes up for it.
Let me know if you’d ever like to discuss offline.

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is there an audio/visual archive of this all-hardware set?

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(I need to take events category off mute)

could’ve used this as an excuse to check dia beacon and visit old friends around town

My last “laptopless” live set involved this lot. It may not look much, but that Tandberg reel-to-reel weighs a ton and I don’t drive!